Best Ever YouTube Hacks And Tricks 2017

YouTube Hacks

Best Ever YouTube Hacks And Tricks 2017 | YouTube is the biggest video site. It is also considered as second biggest social sharing site and search engine. There are many YouTube Hacks common YouTube users are not aware of. In this article I will share some tricks and tips and hidden features of YouTube I found useful,

Best Ever YouTube Hacks And Tricks 2017


You can create a YouTube video link which allow you to start video at specific time. To create this type of link you have to click share > click on Start at and type the time in HH:MM:SS format to create a link. Pausing video will automatically fill “Start at” tab.

YouTube automatically generates written scripts for every uploaded video. These transcripts are also available Under the tab More > Transcript. Transcript can help you to write down important notes in YouTube lectures without pausing them.

Transcript is also a very important factor in ranking of your video in search. You can upload them with ease by playing your video > Click Subtitles and CC > Then paste the pre written transcript of type it while watching your own video.

Get free audio and Transcript of videos by uploading them on YouTube. Yes. This is true. You already read that YouTube generates transcript for every video. You can just fine tune it and use it as a transcript on other video sites and your website as well. You can also download audio files of your video by using services like

You can create playlists and manage your favorite videos in YouTube. You can keep this playlist of videos as public or private. Well managed playlists are just like Library racks with lots of books on one topic. This is also a good way to earn more from your YouTube channel. So make sure you compile them well in order to get more views on videos.

Best Ever YouTube Hacks And Tricks 2017

Just like bookmarking you favorite tabs. YouTube offers users to save their favorite videos to watch later. To add a video to watch later you have to click Add to > add it to watch later videos of favorites. You can access them from home page by click watch later.

YouTube also offer custom URL for YouTube. Custom URL is important for branding and SEO purpose of you channel. Anyone with more than 100 subscribers on a month old account with channel icon and channel art uploaded is eligible for custom URL.

You can also add clickables links on your videos. These links are called Annotations. They are somewhat similar to call to action button. You can use Annotations to direct your users to another video, to get more subscribers and to link them to your sale videos and links.

You can use annotations in your video by clicking video manager > click arrows next to edits > Drop down menu > Annotation > Choose the annotation type > exact time of starting and ending of annotation> Then add font, text, Background color, transparency and link.

Best Ever YouTube Hacks And Tricks 2017


I hope that you might find some interesting tips, tricks and useful features from above mentioned YouTube Hacks.



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