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WiFi Hacking Tools

I am going to share the best wifi hacking tools. These tools will help you to crack the password of any wifi protected with WAP, WAP2, And WPS. You can also use these wireless hacking tools to recover lost password of your own Wifi. So hurry up and select the best Wifi hacking tools for Windows (XP, 2000, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and latest version of 10), Mac, Android OS, and iOS.


AirSnort is one of the most popular tools for password cracking of wireless network. It can help you to hack passwords by cracking WEP Keys of Wi-Fi 802.11b network. This tool snorts data packets sent by a wireless network and collects them to find the encryption key. You can use airsnort on both Linux and Windows. You can download AirSnort By clicking here

Cain & Able

Cain & Able use brute force to hack the password after intercepting traffic of a wireless network. It is also used to crack a password on Windows. This tool is very popular because of its huge success in cracking WEP password. You can download Cain & Able from HERE 


Aircrack is used to break WPA-PSK and 802.11 WEP password of wireless internet connection all across the globe. It is also one of the most popular wifi password hacking tools in 2017. It intercepts and catches data packets to find the password on any wireless network. It also uses weakness in key scheduling algorithm of RC4 to reconstruct wireless network password from encrypted messages in data packets.

Cain & able work faster than any other password cracking tools because of KoreK and PTW attack. You can also watch tons of YouTube Tutorials to use Cain & Able. You can download Cain & Able by clicking here


Kismet is another sniffing tool to crack the password on a wifi network. You can use this tool on Windows, Linux, BDS and OS X. The tool is developed for help during Wifi troubleshooting. Kismet sniffs all kind of data packets and uses them to find the password. You can download and learn more about Kismet by clicking here


WireShark is one of the most popular tools for analyzing network protocol. You can capture and analyze data packets at the micro level with WireShark. You can use Wifi hacking tool on Windows, OS X, FreeBSD, Solaris, Linux and many other platforms. I only recommend this tool to those who have good knowledge account networking and protocols. Otherwise, try other tools from this list. You can download Wireshark by clicking here

Fern Wifi Wireless Cracker

Fern Wifi Wireless Cracker is basically a tool for network security analysis. You can see the traffic network in real time and can identify hosts. This tool will help you to find flaws in your wireless network and fix them before anyone exploits them. You can use Fern Wifi Wireless Cracker on windows, Mac and Linux. The developers of this tool are constantly adding new features to their tool by regular updates. You can download and learn more about Fern Wifi Wireless Cracker on their official website by clicking here.


CoWPAtty uses a wordlist to crack the password of any wifi network. This tools is slow and takes time to crack the password. There is no guarantee of cracking password with any tool using a wordlist. But the tools are very simple for a newbie. Anyone with basic computer knowledge can use CowPAtty. CowPAtty only works on Linux platform.


Airjack is often used for DOS (denial of service attack), and MITM (Man in the middle attack). You can capture and inspect packets before sending them to their real destination. You can download Airjack tool by clicking here


This tools is used for breaking 802.11 WEP keys. WepAttack is only available for Linux. This tool also uses a large dictionary to guess the password of wifi network. As mentioned earlier these types of tools can only guess password if the word is already available in dictionary. You can download WepAttack by clicking here


This tools comes inbuilt with Kali Linux. WifiPhisher as is name depicts use phishing to steal the password of wifi. You can also use WifiPhisher tool on windows, Linux and MAC platform. You can download and learn more about WiFiphisher by clicking here


Reaver use brute force attack on WPS key to recover WAP/WAP2 passwords of wireless network. Reaver only works with routers which are using WPS keys. You can hack every router older than 2012 using Reaver.
Visit How to Hack Wifi password from Laptop using Reaver for detail information about Reaver wifi hacking tool. You can also download Reaver by clicking here


WepDecrypt use various kinds of attacks to guess WEP keys to crack password. They often use dictionary attack, key generator attack, and many others in combination. This tool is written in C language. You can download and learn more about WepDecrypt by clicking here


OmniPeek is a great tool for sniffing and analyzing data packets from wireless network. This tool is popular among network security officials. It is available only for commercial use on windows. This tool work with almost every network interface card. You can also use 50+ plug-ins to improve and extend the functionality level of OmniPeek. I recommend OmniPeek to those who have good knowledge about network protocols and data packets. You can download and learn more about omniPeek by clicking here. 

Note: All shared information is only for educational purpose. Hacking wireless network is illegal in most parts of the world.

WiFi Hacking Tools For Windows Mac, Linux


All these wifi hacker for windows xp, 7, 8 and 10, Mac OS, Linux and other are totally free of any cost or comes with open source license. You can use one or combination of above mentioned tools to get password of any wireless network. All these tools either use dictionaries or analyze packets to retrieve password of wifi. The time required to retrieve password is directly proportional to the difficulty of password.

Thanks for your time. Please comment your favorite wifi hacker with its platform.

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