WhatsApp Hack Online Legit Or Fraud – Expert Review

WhatsApp Hack Online

WhatsApp Hack Online – From recent few months I am obsessed with hacking WhatsApp using every possible way. I tried MAC spoofing at first with a successful result. After that, I head towards spying application or so called WhatsApp Hack Tools for hacking WhatsApp messages and calls from my kids. I found that mSpy gives me a total control over hacking not only WhatsApp but other messaging and social media accounts also. Another useful WhatsApp hack tool is Highster Mobile. It allows you to listen to calls in real time.

But I found one common thing that all spying applications are highly priced with monthly subscriptions. So I head towards searching for hacking WhatsApp online and hacking WhatsApp for free.

Here something I found very amusing is lots of websites with similar structure. They ask you to enter the phone number of your victim. Then they ask you to choose what things you want to hack from images, videos, messages, calls or all. After that, they start processing which takes few minutes. This processing will end up displaying a message that you can download a rar or zip file to see WhatsApp activities of this number. Then they offer you to complete a survey or any other task to download your file.

I tried almost every “WhatsApp hack online website” and ends up disappointed as all of them are ending up on endless surveys. I wasted almost 24 hours to test all these websites before coming to a conclusion that all of them are fakes. They have no access to WhatsApp data of any user. All of them are using “WhatsApp hack online” keyword to get an easy traffic where people are frustrated enough to fill surveys to earn them money without any hard work.

I recommend everyone to don’t waste their time on this type of websites. Here I am sharing few frauds websites which are using “WhatsApp hack online” keyword to gain traffic.






These websites will offer you to download a zip or rar file. These files are nothing more then keyloggers to hack every keystroke on your keyboard and malicious virus, adware, and malware.

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So I recommend you to use proper spying applications or MAC Spoofing for hacking WhatsApp accounts. There is no other way to hack WhatsApp account.


I hope you understand that there is no shortcut and instant WhatsApp hacks online. All of them are frauds. They either want to earn money from surveys or they want to infect your PC. Thanks for your time.  


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