9 Types Of Hackers And List Of Top 5 Elite Hackers in 2018

Types of Hackers

Types Of Hackers | Hacking is an art which can be used in both destructive and constructive ways. Hackers are mostly known for stealing money, data, and confidential information. But silently they played their part in the development of the secure internet. Media only portray them as the bad guy but there are many types of hackers. These types of hackers are different from each other in their skill level, work, and intentions.

So here are the most Famous Types of Hackers


White Hat Hacker

They are the reason we still believe in the secure internet. White Hat Hackers are also known as ethical hackers. They help companies to improve their internet security. They penetrate the networks by finding loop holes and weaknesses in a system before any bad guy. Then they help companies to cover their weakness to improve security. They are highly qualified and often pursue a career in internet security. They develop and test firewalls, anti-virus, anti-malware and many similar internet security software.

Black Hat Hacker
Black Hats is the most feared type of hackers. They are the bad guys of the internet. They exploit a weakness of a system to steal money and confidential data. They are mysterious and often work behind the scene with no regards for a law. They are high-end criminals.

They can either work alone or in groups to complete specific tasks. Even countries like the US use Black Hat techniques to achieve their purpose. One such example is Stuxnet. It was designed to infect Siemens centrifuges in Iran Nuclear program. Individual attacks like “Operation Get Rich” steal 170 ATM and Debit card data. Melissa Virus attack cause shut down of email services.

Overall Black Hat Hackers exploit weaknesses for personal gain. These gains can be financial, denial of service, or confidential data or any other specific thing.

Grey Hat Hacker
Grey Hat Hackers are somewhere in the middle of white and black hat hackers. They often find flaws in a security system and contact administrator of the service and give their service to fix it for a sum of money. Sometimes they can use this information to harass, expose, and for the revengeful purpose. Sometimes grey hat hackers’ public their findings to another hacker which can use it for either white or black hat activity. This type of hacking is illegal. Hacker can also end up in jail for grey hat activity.

Blue Hat Hacker
Blue Hats are often Black or White hat hacker with proper knowledge of hacking. Internet security companies approach them for testing their products for bugs and loop holes before launching it in a market. Blue hat hackers play an important role in the development of secure internet for billions of daily users.

Green Hat Hacker
Green Hat hackers are new to the hacking world. But they are eager to learn new things to improve their skill level. They spent the ton of time in writing their own scripts and testing it. They are the wannabe elite hackers.

Red Hat Hacker
Red Hats are the ones who take the law into their own hand and attack malicious hackers on their own. They are just like white hats but rather than reporting they follow an aggressive approach by attacking malicious hacker. Their attack method consists of uploading viruses, Dos Attack and getting full access to hacker computer to destroy it completely. Their attacks are precise and deadly for malicious hackers.

Script Kiddie
They are the copycats of the hacking world. They don’t care about learning new stuff. Script Kiddies copy a commonly used hacking code to create a virus, malware or any other thing. They take advantage of hacking software (John the Ripper, Metasploit Project, Burp Suite, or BackTrack) and often use DOS (Denial of Service) and DDOS (Distributed denial of service). They simply flood an IP with so much information that it stops functioning. The script kiddie is immature and lacks proper knowledge of hacking.

Cyber Warfare Team
Cyber warfare teams are part of intelligence agencies of any country. They are highly professional white or black hat individuals which take part in sensitive missions. They are always trying to gain access to confidential data and designs. The best example of cyber warfare is Russian, American, Chinese cyber crime teams.

Interesting Facts: Currently Donald Trump case in which he is alleged to take pre poll advantages with help of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian cyber warfare team.

The Elite Hacker
The Elite Hackers are the ones which are once on the most wanted list for acts of cyber crimes. Most of them were arrested after their few days of fame and spent years under confinement for their criminal acts.

Here are top 5 Elite Hackers List

  • Gary McKinnon is known for his famous breach in NASA and US military computers. He makes it more embarrassing for security officials by publishing a notice “Your Security is Crap” on an official website.
  • Lulz Security A.K.A LulzSec is the group of more elite hackers known for hacking News International, FBI, Scotland Yard, Sony and many more. Their motto is laughing at your security since 2011. They hacked The Times and The Sun websites to post their retirement news.
  • Adrian Lamo is a top notch Black Hat Hacker. He rises to fame after hacking Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, and many famous companies which leads to his arrest.
  • Jonathan James was a teenage hacker. He hacked into DTRA (Defense Threat Reduction Agency) of United States of America. He successfully sniffs messages between employees and gains access to their login details. He also stole a software worth 1.5 million.
  • He was caught and sentenced to 8 months of observation. Sadly he commits suicide after few years.
  • Kevin Poulsen now the senior editor of WIRED once hacked the telephone line of a radio station to become the 102nd caller to win a Porsche.
  • He was later arrested and sentenced to several years in prison.

Note: Any kind of breach in someone’s privacy to steal confidential data or money is a criminal act. Information shared on this website is only for educational purpose.

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