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Temple Run Game Free Download

Temple Run Game Free Download 2018 | Best Ever Android Game Temple Run – Temple run is launched in 1994 as a video game. This game is published by Imangi Studios. This game is developed by a couple. Later in January 2013, Temple run game is launched for ios and android.

The number of downloads reaches 1 billion within 18 months of its launch. This makes Temple run the most downloaded game on both Android and iOS up till now. In Temple Run, famous characters are looking for golden Idol in gardens of Bomarzo in Italy. There are tons of demonic monkeys who want to eat you. There is no end to this temple and a player must fall off and ends up falling as a prey to demonic monkeys.

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Gameplay is fairly smooth and easy. You just have to tilt your phones to the sides to collect more coins or to avoid obstacles in your path. There are three different types of coins (Gold, red and blue). You can earn more power-ups and buy more characters by collecting coins.

Temple run also Imangi studios popularity skyrocketed within months after the release of Temple Run. The Temple Run game is a Premium with free download and you can purchase coins through in-app purchase.

Temple Run Game Free Download 2018

Imangi Studios also released Temple Run 2. It is similar to its predecessors. There are many new obstacles etc waterfalls, mine tracks, jets of fire and sharper turns. Players can also now save their protagonist from certain death by using green coins. Green coins are also collected like gold, blue and red coins during running. The three chasing monkeys are also replaced by a larger one called Cuchanck. The runner is also faster than its previous counterpart. Location in which runner is running is also changed.

The game is announced on January 24, 2013, for Android users. Temple Run 2 is also well received by Android device users. There are many favorite characters on offer in Temple run 2 also. Some major names are Scarlett Fox, Karma Lee, Bruce Lee, Usain bolt, zack wonder and a never ending list of NFL players for a limited time is also offered to temple run users. Ancient characters like Cleopatra and Imhotep are also available as a character for free. Regular updates also added many good features like water slides.

Now you can enjoy temple Run Game Free Download & Temple Run 2 Android game Free download.

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