How To Send Wapka Facebook Phishing Link On Facebook

Facebook Phishing
Facebook Phishing

How To Send Wapka FB Phishing Link On Facebook | We already talked about Phishing, about its meaning and for what is that. But as you know URL of phishing website is different and make doubts. The usual victim doesn’t look at URL bar of website but he/she look at the link from where clicking. Means if the link contains some words that after that he/she wouldn’t click on that. The difficult part is that victim to believe you. So we can make a shortened URL with special URL shorteners.

1. Go to this website or this one.

2. After that insert Phishing link into the text box and press on the Shorten or Shorten URL button. 

3. After that copy generated shorten URL and send it to the victim ON FACEBOOK,
I hope that this tutorial will help you to work more professional at Phishing.

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