Learn Password Hacking Of Facebook Account 2018

Password Hacking

Password hacking is one of the most popular and common internet crime. Hackers are naturally very creative and skill full and love to break cryptography systems. People often use simple and easy to break passwords. Most common passwords are “1234567890” and “Abc123” and many more simple combinations of words, names and famous numbers. These types of passwords are very easy to break.

Learn Password Hacking

Hackers prefer to target social networks, ISP providers and banks because of a large amount of available data. On the other hand, hackers can also target you personally to steal your passwords, bank account, and other personal data. To avoid all this you must learn about the ways and tricks hackers use to hack your passwords.

Here are some ways you have to learn to defend yourself from hackers. 

How Hackers hack passwords


Social Engineering

In this process, hackers either fake himself as a user or a service provider to bluff the other side to gain the password. In the first case, the hacker uses your stolen identity/information to contact customer support and ask them for their help to gain your password. On the other side, they can act as a service provider. They can send you spoof or bate links and try to trick you.


Keylogging malware has the ability to record every stroke of the keyboard in a file and send it directly to the hacker. Hacker can lure someone in downloading an attractive image, video or file which secretly contains keylogger. Once installed and undetected, spyware helps hacker to gain access to all your accounts. Avoid downloading from unauthorized sources, avoid pop-ups and scan your computer on a regular basis. Use virtual keyboard to sign in your bank accounts.


The process in which Hackers use cookies and other items stored in browsers to hack password is called cracking.

Guessing technique

It is the last thing hackers do. They used software like a brute force which is equipped with dictionaries. This type of software’s use every combination of words, names, famous locations, birthdays and can also use a combination of dates, numbers, and other things. It is fairly easy for brute force to guess easy passwords. But hard passwords are really difficult to guess.

To save your password you have to adopt few simple techniques to avoid password hacking.

  • Avoid single-word password.
  • Use combination or phrases.
  • Use a combination of upper and lower case letters.Use numbers and special characters.
  • Use a random or unrelated combination of words.

Change your password at least once in a month.

The guessing game of password is all about the combination and replacing two letters with asterisk and number or uppercase letter can increase the number of the combination by millions. Which is very time to consume and impossible to guess?

You have to keep your firewalls and antivirus updated to avoid any spyware. Also, try to avoid spam/suspicious emails which include links of any type. Always make sure that you are on the right website, not any spoofed link before submitting your password. Always use incognito mode on a public computer and clear cookies after use.

I hope all these password hacking techniques will help you in securing your account in future.



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