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New Android Phones Coming Out in 2017 – In last year mobile manufacturing companies faced some heavy criticism over changes in design (iPhone 7 headphone jack disappearance), drawbacks and even for their inbuilt blasting features (Note 7). The change in iPhone cause more people to drift toward android phones.

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So in case if you wonder which new android phones are coming out in near future? Then you end up on the right spot. Below is a list of new android phones coming out in near future (probably 2017) with some currently launched phones for our ever curious readers.



LG G6 is up coming flagship phone from LG. Its main features as expected would be Android 7 operating system, with HDR 565-PPI screen, micro SD slot with internal memory of 32GB, 4Gb ram and Snapdragon 821 CPU.

#New Android Phones Coming Out

And last but not least we have finally seen two 13MP rear cameras for wide angle motion capture. The front camera would be improved but still would be same 5MP for sure. The only unique thing about LG G6 would be its sleek and long shape with 5.7 inches screen. This would be a big phone but you can operate it with a single hand because of its revolutionary properly sized design and symmetry. I hope this April release would be a new sensation.

BlackBerry Mercury


Blackberry and nokia are the first two pioneer mobile companies in the world. But with people shifting to better option both of them lost a large amount of their customers. They surely hit hard by iPhone and Samsung but they both are finding their feet again in general mobile market all around the globe.

BlackBerry first android phone was mostly ignored by android users. But this time they collaborate with TCL to launch their new android phone Blackberry Mercury. This phone is a mixture of hardware black berry style keyboard with a phone supporting android. Black berry mercury specifications would be 3GB Ram 18MP and 8MP cameras, 3400mAh battery with rumors of Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor. Whole specifications would be released to general public soon.

Maybe this unique phones marks the comeback of BlackBerry in smart phone world.

Asus Zenfone AR

Google was working on Google project Ara which might be dead by now. But Google is still working on so much in fields on mobile innovations and technology. One of the main innovations of Google is Tango. Tango is working on tracking motion of mobile device, mobile learning ability and depth perception.

In this summer Google will launch its first Daydream VR and Tango Ar supported phone. Asus Zefore Ar would be the first phone of this unique type. It would also contain Qualcomm snapdragon 821 process with a 2k AMO Led screen for HD results. Asus zenfore details will be soon launched officially for people. So this phone is one of the most awaited phone in market because of its new technology and innovation.

OnePlus 4


OnePlus 3 is one of the most efficient phone in price range of $400. There are many rumors about upcoming OnePlus 4 specification. Some good authority people in tech field told us that it would comes out with 8GB Ram, 23MP Camera, 256Gb internal storage space, OLED display screen, Snapdragon 830 processor and NFC support.

The phone will come with android nougat version. So, just thinking about these specifications in less than $400 is a mouth watering offer. It will be light on your wallet and offers your better specification then almost any android phone in market.

There is no specific date of release issued by the company. But many people think it will come at the end of summer season. I think this phone would mark a new impression on history and OnePlus 4 will challenge big mobile manufacturers like Samsung, HTC even iPhone.

C1 The Nokia’s Android Phone

C1 The Nokia’s Android Phone
C1 The Nokia’s Android Phone

Nokia was the king of mobile manufacturing and no one came closer to them for almost a decade. But then they forget to go with the flow of the market and slipped on a very steep slope. Microsoft bought nokia few years ago and tried to launch windows mobiles but they were nowhere as competitive in market as other android phones from smaller companies. So Microsoft sold nokia again. This makes Nokia jump straight into android mobile market.

Rumors are circling that Nokia will release C1 in end months of 2017. Rumors and leaked photos suggest that C1 would be a 5 inch screen phone with 1080p screen resolution. It is also heard by some resources that Nokia will use Marshmallow instead of nougat for C1 release.

Android users must felt this C1 marshmallow news annoying because every android user always want to spend money on the latest versions only. But let’s see what Nokia will comes up with In future.  I will update you if I hear any new update about Nokia C1 and Other Rumored Nokia Android based smart phones.

BlackBerry KeyOne Released In April 2017

BlackBerry KeyOne Released In April 2017

Black berry does not want a big band to release its new phone. They knew their market strategy attracts small amount of loyal black berry customers who are always waiting for their new release. Black berry recently launched BlackBerry KeyOne which can be described as the slim version of BlackBerry passport. The design of keyboard and track pad is similar to BlackBerry passport also. The new Blackberry KeyOne Comes with a moderate 625 snapdragon process and a price tag of almost $500.

Google Pixel 2 release In October 2017

Google Pixel 2 release In October 2017

Google Pixel phones are High priced phones with natural new android version without any third party manipulation. That is the basic reason of its high price. Rumors are circling that Google Pixel 2 will comes up with better camera which works better in low light. Rumors also suggest that they will improve water proofing of Google Pixel 2.

It would become one of the most sort out phones in 2017 because of Android O in it for the first time. Google planned to release this phone in October since then best of luck for Google pixel 1 users.

HTC 11 Release in April 2017 (TBC)


HTC skipped MWC events for straight two years now. Before 2015 they used to launch their new phones on MWC events. Last year they launched HTC 10 in their own event. This year same is expected as they missed MWC. So HTC 11 release would be expected anytime in near future.

HTC 11 would rumored to be a flagship phone with 256 internal storage, 6GB Ram, Snapdragon 835 processor and 5.5 inch HD screen. A source also told us that they will introduce a new fast charger and a better long lasting battery. If all this rumors were true HTC would be an amazing phone for android users in 2017.

Huawei P10 released in Feb 2017 for sale in April


Huawei P10 and P10 plus are very vibrant, colorful and shiny skin phones. The P10 is available in very attractive green, blue and gold color. Still the main design is of Huawei P9 but keen eyes can see a finer finish. Finger print scanner is also moved to the front of the phone instead of back finger print scanner in huawei P9.

Its internal specifications are somewhat similar to huawei Mate 9 which is not a good news for most android users. Huawei comes with 4Gb Ram, Mali G71 CPU, and 960 Kirin Processor with internal storage up to 64 GB, 5.1 inch display which is ISP Hd Display,

Its plus version huawei P10 Plus will comes with more storage (probably 128 GB) and bigger Ram (Probably 6GB).  The plus version of P10 will also increase the screen size to 5.5 inch and will offer better resolution.


LG G6 released In February 2017 up for sale in March



This Year In MWC event. LG Released its new flagship phone LG G6 in front of general public. This phone got a massive screen bigger than most of its competitors with a 5.7 inch quad HD display. With ratio which of 18:9 which makes it easier to grab with single hand. This time they used a new design with non removable battery. Camera are just like G5 dual 13 MP with better result. It also offers Google assistance.

We are not confirmed about asian, European and United kingdom release dates up till now. It is released in America on 7th April. LG also announced its release date as 9th march in korea. The rest of the world should wait for a month or two before getting their hands on LG G6.

Microsoft Surface Phone A myth or reality

Microsoft Surface Phone A myth or reality
Microsoft Surface Phone A myth or reality

From many years rumors are circling around tech and mobile lover about Surface Phones from Microsoft. Microsoft tried their luck earlier with lumnia Nokia series which failed to mark and impression on mobile market. But this time CEO of Microsoft Satya claimed that “ surface phones would be the best mobile device users ever came across”.

There are many rumors about its specifications and release date. The most strong ones speculate that surface phone would comes out in market with 64 bit intel processor, 5.5 inch Hd screen, with 64-128 internal storage with SD card support and 21Mp rear camera, 8Mp front camera, a pen and usb port.

Some also said that it will be a folded screen phone. The event for unveiling Surface Pro 5 will be held in next few months for sure.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will release in August

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will release in August
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will release in August

In last year Note & becomes one of biggest failure of Samsung company. Its failure leaves a bad impression on Samsung especially note series.

Some say Samsung will announce  Note 8 in march with Samsung galaxy S8. Other said that Samsung will drop Note series altogether. But Samsung knew what it takes to get back on the right track again. Note 8 is currently expected to be released in market for sale in August of this year. The rumored specs are 5.7 inch screen with s pen support, dual camera and best water proofing and VR experience.

Samsung Galaxy S8


Samsung is going to have an unveiling of galaxy S8 on 29th march 2017 and phone will be available for sale in April. Some resources also claimed that this private event is pushed in to late April. The major specs rumored around are 6 GB Ram with Exynos or Snapdragon *35 processor. Which make galaxy S8 the fastest phone available. Finger print scanner is moved to the back of the phone. The Samsung decided to not launch the edge version for galaxy S8. Instead they will follow the footsteps of iPhone and launch a Galaxy S8 plus.

The only difference between galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 plus would be screen size with 5.8 and 6.2 inch respectively. The phones are rumored to be priced around 800 (  Galaxy S8 ) and 900 pounds ( Galaxy S8+). The price is surely on the high end for this flagship phone. Screens are super AMOLED with 2400×2960 resolution in mobiles for the first time. Samsung is also planning to call this display and “Infinity display”. It is also said that home and front buttons will be no longer remains the trademark of Samsung Galaxy phones. The best thing is that wait for Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 plus is almost over in few days by now.

I hope This article cover all the best upcoming android phones from HTC, Samsung, LG, OnePlus, Google pixel, Nokia and many more. You can comment below if you think we missed an important release. Also comment your favorite android phone till now.

We will surely update this list in future to keep you informed with what’s the most sort out upcoming android phones.

Don’t forget to share your knowledge by commenting below. Thank you.


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