Best Mobile Tricks, Tips And Latest Mobile Hacks 2018

Mobile Tricks

Mobile Tricks, Here are few best Mobile Tricks, Tips and Hacks to enhance your mobile experience. Best Mobile Tricks, Tips, and Hacks to increase Battery life

  • Look for an application running in the background through SettingsGeneralBackground applications on iOS. On Android, you can do it by SettingsData Usage. You can select apps and turn off data by scrolling to the bottom of the page to save battery life.
  • Restrict app notification to save battery. Long press any unwanted notification tap app infouncheck show notification.
  • Turn of cellular data usage of apps which are draining battery life and data. You can go to settingsData Usageand turn off data of any specific app by selecting it.
  • You can use customs APK of any app with no advertisement to save battery.
  • Don’t use your phone when it is connected to the charger. Charging and using phone simultaneously reduce battery life.
  • Use power saving mode to save battery.
  • Use darker theme and wallpapers on AMOLED screens to save battery.
  • Turn off notification light to save battery. You can also choose beep instead of vibration to increase battery timing of your phone.
  • Turn of vibration of the keyboard.
  • Make sure you turn your wifi off when you are not in your home. Always remember to turn airplane mode in an area with low cellular service to save battery.


Some Smartphone Tips and Hacks to make life easy

  • Use Weather updates on your screen look. You can use Weather lock screen on your iPhone and Beautiful Widgets For android.
  • You can now play music stored on your pc on your android phone with help of Gmote using wifi. This will help you to free a lot of storage space on your Android phone.
  • You can also change keyboard of your Smartphone by using a Swift key. Swift key offers great features like suggestions and auto-correction. You can also use Swift key on mobiles with a small screen to type faster with just a swipe over keys.
  • You can set reminders in iPhone by tapping remind me later button to set a reminder after any length of time to call back. In the older version, you have to swipe upwards to see this option. You can also set reminders based on your GPS locations. For example, Remind me when I am home.
  • Use memory management software to free up memory with a single click. This helps android to run faster.
  • Use Disk Usage to see which app is using internal storage for your application. You can use it to delete applications which are consuming tons of space.


Mobile Camera tricks, Hacks, and Tips – Use Your Mobile Camera To Its Full Potential

  • Many people knew that they can take a selfie with volume keys of their Android or iOS Smartphone. But few of us know that we can also use volume up key on headphone cord to take a selfie.  
  • You can use your camera to take snaps of your notes to save them on Google Drive. You can also take pictures of your grocery list, prescriptions and many other things to remind you during shopping.  
  • You can also download the application and use your camera as a custom camera to improve the result of images. Download Top Camera app for iPhone and Camera 360 Ultimate for Android.  
  • Use Grid lines to align your object perfectly in your photo.  
  • Avoid using digital zoom to take pictures. You can always crop your picture after zooming in after taking a picture with normal digital zoom.  
  • You can also use an external lens with your phone to enhance the quality of your images.  
  • You can use filters to improve the outlook of any photo. Try After light and VSCOCam.  
  • you can always create a backup of your photos by uploading them to Google Drive. You can also send this link to anyone to download pictures.  
  • You can take “360 degree panoramic video” by using Looker and Kogeto’s Dot accessory lens.

Some Smart Tips And Hacks For Travelers

  • You can charge your phone by using plugging it in Tv with USB cord. You can also use your car to charge your phone.  
  • Google translate can help you to learn basic sentences of any language.  
  • Download offline maps to navigate in areas with no cellular service or to save data usage.  
  • Get Smart Traveler app to get alerts while traveling. It will help you to locate nearest American embassy and many more things.  
  • Download! Emergency! app to see emergency numbers for your specific area. You can also dial emergency numbers from application also.  
  • You can cut down your cellular bills by using video and voice calling applications like Skype, Google Voice, and Hangouts.  
  • Always carry a portable charger or battery as a backup source.  
  • Download eBooks and application which support offline reading. This will help you to kill boredom.  
  • Use TripIt app to book flights, hotel, and dinners. This app will also help you to rent a car anywhere in the world.  
  • Use Evernote to save notes and pictures of memorable events while traveling.


Mobile Hacks, Tips, and Tricks for Fun

  • Use Word lens to translate text immediately. You just have to point your camera at the text to see the translation.  
  • You can always use your front camera of a phone as a makeup mirror.  
  • Use S health app to check your burnt calories by a workout. You can also check temperature and humidity to perfectly time your outdoor workout.  
  • Use Google Goggles to search for searching for unknown objects. Just take a picture and upload it via Google Goggles to get information about the object.  
  • You can check batteries of your remote control using a camera of your Smartphone. Open camera, focus it on remote and press any button. The camera will show a white or purple light if batteries are working fine.  
  • Use universal remote apps to turn your mobile into a remote control of almost anything. 

Best Mobile Tricks, Tips And Latest Mobile Hacks 2018

I hope these mobile tricks, hacks, and tips will benefit everyone in one way or another. Don’t forget to mention your favorite mobile tip, trick, or hack in comments.


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