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How To Turn Off Autocorrect On iPhone– Autocorrect helps us by correcting spelling mistakes when typing text messages on iPhone. Many a times, autocorrect makes funny and embarrassing mistakes too by predicting wrong words and typing them automatically in text. All these funny autocorrect texts ends up in meme section of your social media account. For this reason many of my friends hates me and auto correct.

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I Myself love autocorrect. As i learn some tweaks and tricks to take the best out of Autocorrect feature of iPhone. For me autocorrect is one of the most useful tool and for some it’s the other way round. I suggest all those who hates autocorrect to turn it off. If you don’t know how to turn autocorrect off on your iPhone then this is the right place for you.

Easy Way to Turn Off Autocorrect On iPhone/iPad

You can follow below mentioned steps to turn autocorrect ON or Off on your iOS device.

  • Open settings of your phone.
  • Go to General settings.
  • Scroll down to find keyboard settings option.
  • Now you can see Autocorrect toggle button. You can slide to left it to turn autocorrect Off. You can slide it right again if you want to use this feature after reading autocorrect tweaks and tricks.

Some useful tricks and tips to enhance the performance of autocorrect feature

One major flaw of autocorrect is suggestion of irrelevant words which makes no sense in sentence. Below mentioned tips and tricks will help you to use autocorrect if you turn off autocorrect because of wrong suggestions.

Fixing Frequently Wrong Suggestions

You can replace wrong suggestions with right ones by replacing wrong words with expected words in SettingsàGeneralàKeyboardàShortcuts. You can type correct words and wrong suggestions to fix this problem in future. You can check by typing this word again is message field. Hopefully autocorrect will write the correct word this time.

Secondly you can stop all wrong suggestions by reseting autocorrect to default. You can reset autocorrect by Settings General Reset and select reset keyboard dictionary to delete every saved word and suggestion. Now iPhone try from scratch to learn your style of typing, sentence making.

How To Turn Off Autocorrect On iPhone – Best Ever Solution

I hope these Tweaks and tips will help you to enhance autocorrect performance during typing text messages and notes keeping. Otherwise you can turn autocorrect off on your iPhone/ipad to stop suggestions and overwrite autocorrection during texting.

Thanks for reading this article. Feel free to share your best autocorrect tweaks to enhance typing speed and texting experience on your iOS device by commenting under this post.  



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