How To Hack WiFi With Android (Root Method) 2018

How To Hack WiFi With Android

How To Hack WiFi With Android – WiFi hacking is one of the most common task for penetration testing and hackers but most of them are using Kali Linux to achieve their purpose. I am writing “how to hack WiFi with Android Smartphone” article for our not so tech friendly users.

Hacking and Cracking Passwords of WiFi using Android Smart Phone

Most users are unaware that Android operating system is based on Linux. So Android Smartphone is capable of performing almost every hack and trick which can be done using Linux. You just have to root your Android phone to unleash more options which are required to hack any wireless internet connection. After rooting you can use certain Android applications which allow you to sniff and extract password of a WiFi connection with your smartphone.

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Requirements for Hack Wireless internet connection with help of Android Device

  1. Quad-core processor and 2GB RAM Android phone.
  2. Root your Android phone before installing bellow mentioned Android apps.
  3. Wifi connection with strong signal strength to hack.

Note: Rooting your Android Smart phone will nullify its warranty. Root your phone at your own risk.

WPS Connect

WPS Connect is an application for rooted android devices. This app will help you to bypass WPS security to connect your device to wireless internet connection without even typing any password. WPS connect app will only works with WiFi networks with WPS enabled. This application will not work with WiFi networks secured with WAP and WAP2.


ZAnti is a complete penetration testing app for rooted Android smart phones. It is made for security experts to find vulnerabilities of any WiFi network. Anyone with basic knowledge can find and use these vulnerabilities to hack desired WiFi connection by just using a rooted Android phone. You can also use this Android application to kill every other connection on your WiFi. For me ZAnti is a complete toolbox to hack and test wireless networks for vulnerabilities. You can hack WiFi’s secured with WAP/WAP2 with ZAnti.


WIFI WPS WAP Tester works on both rooted and normal Android devices. You can connect to any network from your normal Android smart phone/tablet without knowing its password. On the other hand you can also see the password of WIFI network if your Android Device is rooted.


Most Android applications are using data sniffing method to collect data packets. You can further read these packets to collect information like WiFi password, WPS pin, connected devices and many more useful things. The basic purpose of these applications is testing the security of your WiFi network on different levels.

How To Hack WiFi With Android (Root Method) 2018

Note: Hacking WIFI networks is illegal in most parts of the world. All above mentioned tools and applications are basically for pen testing of WIFI network to find vulnerabilities and fix them before anyone exploit’s them.

How To Hack WiFi With Android, How To Hack WiFi With Android, How To Hack WiFi With Android


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