How To Hack WiFi Password Without Software [Latest Trick]


How To Hack WiFi Password Without Software– I wrote tons of articles on “How to hack WiFi password” from smart phones (iOS, blackberry, and Android OS), Windows, and Linux and other operating system with use of applications and software. But some people are not so tech friendly. Lately someone ask me a simple yet intriguing question “How to Hack WiFi password without any software”. So I searched for few days and came up with these few methods which are not complicated as compared to other methods we already discussed.

3 Ways to hack WiFi Password Without any Software

Method No#1 Command Prompt Method

Command Prompt is a built in program comes with windows. This can help you to retrieve already saved passwords and can also hack some wireless networks. To do so you have to run command prompt.

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Then type netsh wlan show profile name=????. in key=clear. (replace question marks with name of wireless connection and it will show you the password).

You can see whole detail of your desired WiFi network in next step.

Method Number#2  Social Engineering And Brute Force Attack

Social Engineering is a simple way to guess password on any account by collecting common data about of target i.e Date of birth, mobile number, house address, landline number, name, relationship names, spouse name etc. You can also try common passwords like 1234, abcdef, qwerty, and others. Compile a list of all possible passwords you can think off and try them to hack WiFi password of your victim. You can also try brute force attack which tries many words and combination of words as a password. But it takes time to much time.

Method Number#3 Hacking Of WiFi With a Rooted Device

Yes you can Hack a wifi password without using any application with a rooted device only. But it requires a proper tech knowledge and understanding of protocols and networking. This is not a cup of tea for everyone but tech friendly people with proper knowledge and skill set can do it with ease.

Method Number#4 : WPS Pin

WPS Pin is a combination of 7 digit number with maximum 9,999,999 possibilities. It is easier for brute force to try 9,999,999 possibilities rather than several million words and combination of words, number and symbols. But only router older than 2013 have WPS Pin enabled. So there is less chance to find a neighbor with such an old router.

How To Hack WiFi Password Without Software

So I have shown you few best methods to hack WiFi password without using any software. All these methods have their own unique shortcomings. So it’s better to learn some easier ways to hack WiFi with help of software and applications. 

Share your favorite method to hack wireless internet network without using any software in comments. Thanks for reading. I will update this article time to time by adding more interesting methods for hacking WiFi without software.  


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