How To Hack WiFi Password Without Root 2018 [Latest Trick]

How To Hack WiFi Password Without Root

Latest Techniques to Hack WiFi password Without Rooting Your Android Phone

How To Hack WiFi Password Without Root – You can use below mentioned methods to crack the password of your neighbors’ WiFi. You don’t have to root your Android device to perform these tasks. All methods are working and tested by our team of professional. So what are you waiting for? Hack WiFi passwords from your Android phone and enjoy free unlimited WiFi for rest of your life.

Mainly WiFi networks are secured with two types of security.

  • WPS
  • WAP/WAP2.

Anyone with basic tools and knowledge can hack WiFi networks secured with WPS, WAP or WAP2 in just a few steps.

WPS Wireless Scanner APP

WPS Wireless Scanner is also known as WPSPIN. It is a basic penetration testing app which is used to test the vulnerability of WPS pin generated by the router. You can auto scan open networks and networks secured by WPS, or WAP/WAP2. You can connect to open WiFi using this app and can further check WPS access point on WPS secured WiFi connections. WPSPIN app is a complete toolbox to hack passwords of WiFi networks secured with WPS.

WiFi WPS WPA Tester

You can easily connect to a network without knowing its password with help of WiFi WPS WPA Tester from a nonrooted Android device. To crack any WiFi network follow below-mentioned steps.

  • Download and install WiFi WPS WPA Tester application.
  • Open the app and click the refresh button.
  • You can connect to any WiFi network with a green button. Green button meant that WiFi network is automatically hacked by the application.
  • Select any green WIFI and click on “connect automatic pin” to enjoy free WIFI on your non-rooted device.



AndroDumper is another app which can help you to hack any WiFi network from your nonrooted Android device with ease. Just download and install AndroDumper. Open AndroDumper and press refresh button. Select “try connects” option from the pop up menu to hack the password of WiFi connection.

WiFi Password Scraper

Download and install WiFi Password Scrapper on you nonrooted android smartphone. Open it and click refresh. A list of available WiFi networks with green lock icon can be seen now. Choose any WiFi network and WiFi Password Scrapper will automatically connect to selected WiFi.

You can also use Android applications which provide global access to shared WiFi networks. These applications will help you use WiFi during traveling. Most famous Android apps which fall into this category are “WiFi Master Key” and “WiFi Pass key”. These types of apps do not decrypt or hack but find the password from a database provided by users.

Note: Invading privacy by hacking WiFi networks is an illegal act in most parts of the world. Always respect legal boundaries to avoid any unwanted trouble. All above-mentioned tools are developed for testing and improving the security of your WiFi network.

How To Hack WiFi Password Without Root 2018 [Latest Trick]

Thank you for reading How to hack WiFi password without rooting your Android device. I will update this article time to time by introducing latest ways to hack wireless networks without root. So keep visiting. Also, mention your favorite method to hack WiFi networks from your Android device both rooted and non-rooted.


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