How To Hack WiFi Password Using CMD | Crack Or Find WiFi Password Using CMD


how to hack WiFi password using cmd | Command Prompt is a very useful tool. It helps you to retrieve information about your network and system. CMD can also help you to hack WiFi passwords.

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Note: A computer creates a WiFi Profile whenever we connect to a WiFi network by entering password. This WiFi profile is stored in computer. You can access this profile using CMD to retrieve WiFi password and other data. You can even find passwords when you are offline or connected to any other network.

Hacking WiFi Password Using CMD In Few Simple Steps

  • Search for Command Prompt A.K.A CMD.
  • Right click on CMD and select “Run it as administrator”.
  • You can also hit “windows+R” button together. Type cmd of command prompt in new window and press enter.
  • Type Following command “netsh wlan show profile” in cmd.
  • This will give you a list of all WiFi networks you have ever connected with your personal computer.
  • Type “netsh wlan show profile WiFi-name key=clear” in cmd to see password of any network in list.
  • You can see password of WiFi under Security settings Key content.
  • You can also connect any desired WiFi by entering this command.

netsh wlan connect name=(Any Wifi Name from the list).

Note: It is not necessary that this hacking trick will work with every name in the list. This trick is best to retrieve passwords from network administrator, neighbor, and friend who allow you to connect to their network but did not tell you the password. You can retrieve password of any WiFi network and use it to connect any other device to same network. Network administrators who changed their passwords on regular basis are less vulnerable because cmd will only show old password which is already saved.

You Can Use This Trick in Windows xp, 2000, 7, 8, and 10.

Actually CMD only helps you to retrieve passwords of WiFi you have already connected to in past. You can Hack/retrieve WiFi password using cmd in few simple and easy steps.

I hope this how to guide helps you to retrieve password from all previously connected WiFi networks.

Thank you for reading. Don’t forget to comment and share your favorite hacking tips and tricks.



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