How To Hack WiFi On iPhone, iPad, And iOS


How To Hack WiFi On iPhone – Hacking a WiFi from iPhone is more difficult then hacking a WiFi from android device. This is basically because of open nature of Android OS which is based on Linux Kernel. On the hand the number of applications on Google Play Store is greater then that of iStore. I myself searched for a way to hack WiFi password of my neighbor from my iPhone as a result of a bet. I searched for days on end until I found few applications for my iPhone which can be used to hack any wireless internet network password. So here are the best 5 of these applications which you can use on your iOS device to hack WiFi password.

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Best Applications To Hack WiFi Password With Help Of iPhone


We all knew a little about aircrack-ng as it is a very useful tool for Windows users to extract passwords from collected data packets of WEP encrypted WiFi network. Now this application is also available for IOS users and performs the same task without any hiccups. The only drawback is that you have to jailbreak your iOS device to use Aircrack-ng.

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Speedtouch is a speedy yet simple way to hack a WiFi connection with help of your iOS device. You just have to install Speedtouch and rainbow file (rainbow file consists of list of default passwords with respect to router manufacturers) on your device. After that you can just scan and results will show the networks which can be hacked using Speedtouch application. This method has few shortcomings as many users change default password of their WiFi connection. So only few wireless networks are vulnerable to Speedtouch application attack.

iWep Pro

This is a total free iOS application for your iPhone and iPad. You can crack WEP secured wireless networks with iWep Pro. The application is easy to use and requires no tech skill to hack a WiFi password.

WPA Tester

This application also tests default passwords by manufacturers to hack a WiFi. You can copy and paste the password of your selected router brand to try it on every possible WiFi in your range manually. This app does not help me but it helps some of my friends with not so tech loving neighbors.

WLAN audit

WLAN audit also use default passwords by router manufacturers to hack a wireless internet connection. You have to jailbreak your iPhone to install WLAN on your phone. After installation your can scan for nearby WiFi and can try default passwords to crack at least one of them.

How To Hack WiFi On iPhone, iPad, And iOS

All above mentioned ways to hack WiFi on iPhone has some limitations and drawbacks. The major drawbacks are as following.

  1. You have to jailbreak your phone which nullifies warranty.
  2. Limited options.

I hope you can understand that closed nature of iOS operating system and lack of applications will not allow you to hack WiFi passwords with ease as compared to Android OS, Window, And Linux users. Up to now these are the few limited and best ways to hack WiFi on your iPhone, iPad or any iOS device.


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