How To Hack WiFi Internet Connection Password 2018


How To Hack WiFi Internet Connection – Wireless Internet Connection also known as WIFI marks the beginning of a new era in technology. Anyone with wireless network card can connect to wireless hotspots and use the internet without connecting any cable. But everyone knew that most WIFI networks are secured with a password. Here I am going to share a method of hacking WIFI internet connections secured with WEP.

You need to crack WPA2-PSK password to crack any WEP encrypted wireless network connection. We can use aircrack-ng and coWPAtty for this purpose.


Hacking WIFI internet connection is simple. You just have to collect enough data packets to retrieve a password from encrypted data packets. Wireless internet connections are secured by two different encryption methods.

  1. WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy).
  2. WPA (WiFi Protected Access).

In this article, we will learn to hack WiFi internet connection secured with WEP encryption system. For hacking WEP secured network, you will need following things.

  • Wireless Adapter compatible with commview. This is by far the biggest requirement for this method of hacking a WEP secured WiFi network.
  • You can check the list of compatible wireless adapters with CommVIew by clicking here
  • Make sure that your router has the capability to go into monitor mode to capture data packets.
  • Download CommView after you check the compatibility of your wireless adapter. You can download CommView by clicking here.
  • Download Aircrack-ng GUI for inspecting data packets to retrieve the password of your desired WIFI network. You can download this software by clicking here

Now you can set up the whole thing to hack WiFi internet connections

Setting Up CommView And Capturing Data Packets

  1. Download CommView for WiFi from the above-given link. Extract zip file in a separate folder and run steup.exe. The installation will take some time.
  2. Open CommView and a follow the prompts to install drivers on your wireless adapter.
  3. Run CommView and start scanning for wireless networks by clicking the play button on the top left of CommView window.
  4. Within few minutes CommView will come up with a list of surrounding WiFi networks with their signal strength and type of security.
  5. Choose the one with best signal strength.
  6. Make sure you chose WiFi network is using WEP encrypted method for security. You can see the details of every network in the right column.
  7. Choose the one with lowest dB value.
  8. Now click capture after selecting your desired network.
  • Now CommView will start capturing data packets but you have to filter the unwanted networks from the list. To do so right click on your selected network and copy MAC Address by clicking on the option.
  • Open Rules tab to set rules and choose MAC addresses in rules tab. You can see MAC Addresses tab on left-hand side in Rules tab.
  • Enable MAC Address rules and select “Capture” for action and both for “Add records”.
  • Now you can paste the MAC address inbox to filter out unwanted data packets from other networks. 
  • Select D from the bar on top of the window and deselect M and C options. 
  • Go to logging tab on top of CommView window to enable autosaving.
  • Change maximum directory size to 2000 and average file log to 20.

Now you have to wait until enough data packets are collected for inspection. You need to collect at least 100000 data packets. The collection time is directly proportional to signals of WiFi network and active users. Once you collected 1 Lac data packets you can export them by following these steps.

How To Hack WiFi Internet Connection Password 2018

  • Open CommView Window and go to Log Tab.
  • Click on concatenate logs and select all logs saved logs. Don’t close CommView at this stage or you will lose precious data. Navigate to the folder where a log was saved.
  • An open log file, select the format as “file-export-wire shark tcpdump format” and choose the destination of your choice. The logs will be saved with .cap extension to your chosen location.

Now you can start cracking these saved logs with help of Aircrack-ng. To start cracking process follow below mentioned steps.

  • Download and install Aircrack-ng from above link.
  • Run Aircrack-ng and choose WEP option.
  • Open previously saved .cap file and click launch.
  • Type index number of your target WiFi and wait.
  • After few minutes the password of your target WiFi network will be shown. In another case, a message will ask you to collect more data packets to retrieve the password.
  • In the second case start the data packets collection process again and follow same steps to retrieve the password of WEP encrypted wireless internet connection.

How To Hack WiFi Internet Connection Password 2018

You can also see other methods to hack wireless internet connection with ease.

I will keep updating this article to add more depth to this method and by adding other methods to hack WEP, WAP, WAP2 encrypted WiFi networks. Don’t forget to comment your favorite method to hack WiFi internet connection of your neighbors. For now, use the above mentioned method to enjoy free unlimited WiFi. Thanks for your time and support. Keep sharing and follow my social media accounts for early updates on WiFi hacking and cracking.

How To Hack WiFi Internet Connection Password 2018


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