How to Hack WhatsApp Account With Few Easy Steps in 2018

How to Hack Whatsapp Account

How to Hack Whatsapp Account | Whatsapp is the most popular messaging service in 2017. It cost almost $40 per WhatsApp user to Facebook to buy Whatsapp for staggering 19 billion dollars. Facebook overtook WhatsApp and introduce many new features like stories type status, video and voice calling and end to end encryption in chats. WhatsApp also supports files and media sharing, voice message, and location sharing.

WhatsApp also introduces web.WhatsApp and WhatsApp desktop application for Windows and Mac users. It also supports cross platform users to send and receive messages. Many of us end up here to find an answer to a simple question “How to hack WhatsApp account”.

How to Hack Whatsapp Account With Few Easy Steps in 2018

Getting access to someone’s WhatsApp account sounds interesting. You can see their messages, shared and received images and videos and can even receive calls by hacking their WhatsApp account. Now we will cut the crap and jump right to the answer of how to hack WhatsApp account.

Step By Step Methods To Hack WhatsApp Account

Here are mainly two methods to hack WhatsApp account.

  1. MAC Spoofing.
  2. Using Spying software. 

Note: All shared information is for educational purpose only. Don’t use this information in any illegal activity.

Mac Spoofing Method To Hack WhatsApp Account

Media Access Control address or MAC address is a unique 12 digit code to identify a device when using wifi. Whatsapp uses MAC address to ensure that an account is used only on one mobile device. But anyone can use similar MAC address on two mobiles to run one WhatsApp account.

For this, you have to follow below mentioned steps.

  • You need to have access to victim’s mobile phone for few minutes to complete this process.
  • Acquire their phone and find MAC address. You can locate MAC address on android phones Setting About Phone MAC address. You can find MAC address of iPhone via SettingsàGeneralàAboutàWifi Adress. Note down the 12 character MAC address separated by colons.
  • Uninstall WhatsApp from your own mobile device to use Mac spoofing method.
  • Note down MAC address of your own device.
  • Replace your MAC address with MAC address victim using spoofing apps. You can use BusyBox if your victim is using an Android phone and MacDaddy X if they are using an iPhone.
  • Now you have to reinstall WhatsApp on your device. Enter victim’s mobile number during configuration. Get the code from their mobile and enter it in WhatsApp on your own device. Delete the message from victim device. Now you can send and receive messages from victims WhatsApp account.
  • Now you can change your mobile’s MAC address to its original address.

Pros of Spoofing Technique

  • It’s easy to hack a WhatsApp account using spoofing method.
  • You can send and receive calls, messages, and media files from victims WhatsApp account.

Cons Of Spoofing Technique

  • You can’t hack an account without having access to victim’s mobile phone.

Using Spying Software To Hack WhatsApp Account

There are tons of free and paid mobile spyware available for both Android and iOS users. Most of them are useless, slow and not good for spying WhatsApp messages in real time. We recommend mySpy for spying of WhatsApp messages in real time. MySpy quality makes it the best among all other competitors for spying WhatsApp.

You have to have an access to victim’s mobile device for few minutes to setup myspy and configure it for spying. Another application which is is good for spying WhatsApp is Spymaster pro. You can download free premium apk of SpyMaster Pro by clicking here

You can also download mySpy free premium APK by clicking here

You can also use the trial version for testing purpose or you can buy premium versions of both apps by spending few bucks.

Follow below mentioned steps to setup mySpy. 

1. Download and install APK or premium version of spying applications on both (victim and you are) devices.1. Download and install APK or premium version of spying applications on both (victim and you are) devices.

2. Follow the instructions given by specific spyware application to set up both accounts for spying.

3. Test you spyware by sending a message on victim mobile from your phone.

4. You can now see all conversation of a victim from your spying application.


These applications are basically developed to help parents keeping an eye on their kids’ mobile activities. Either you have to be the authority or you have to seek permission before installing any spying app on anyone’s mobile device. You can only see messages and images sent and received by your victim by using spying applications.

Note: Our website has no direct links with any of above mentioned applications. Download and use them at your own risk. You can also test other spying apps to find the best one which suits your purpose.

Disclaimer: Above mentioned information is only shared for educational purpose. We are not responsible for acts of any individual using the above mentioned information to cause harm to others.

Here are few steps to secure your WhatsApp account from hackers

Here are few steps to secure your WhatsApp account from hackers

1. Keep your mobile locked with a fingerprint scanner or difficult code or pattern.

2. Keep an eye on the installed application on your phone.

3. Use antivirus to scan your mobile for any spyware.

I hope all this information will help you to keep your WhatsApp account safe and secure. Share your favorite method for hacking WhatsApp account with us to promote a safe and sound end to end encrypted conversion using WhatsApp. For me, the first method works well because it gives you a complete access to any WhatsApp account in real time. The second method only gives you limited access.

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