How to Hack Websites Successfully With Few Minutes in 2018

How to Hack Websites

How to Hack Websites – Hacking is like a sport. Some are born with natural talent and others have to some have to learn even basic things with hardships. But keep in mind that talent in any field can give you a good start but you have to work hard to keep polishing your skills. All this also applies to hacking a website. Some can learn it in few days and other will spend years before getting any positive result.

Many people want to learn “How to hack website” to fulfill their malicious desires. On the other hand, there are few who want to learn about vulnerabilities and their solution of web applications. Both white and Black hat hackers have same knowledge but different approach and purpose. Black hat hackers want to exploit vulnerabilities to get data from a website. On the other hand, white hat hackers are trying their best to find a solution and fix these vulnerabilities to increase the security of a website.

Here is Few Things To Learn How to Hack Website

.This might seems like a long list but all these tips, tricks and hacks are important to hack a website. Unfortunately, you have to learn the basics of a web application to hack a website. So let’s cut the crap and jump straight to our list.

Recce Of Your Target

Most people want to hack a website with a single click but this is not the way. You have to give your time to surf a web properly to find vulnerabilities to exploit. We have to pick a target and then learn about how that type of web application is built and about its vulnerabilities. You have to figure out vulnerabilities by finding open ports, version of so CMS software, and themes. Most famous websites write their own scripts. You can look for directory listings, user input, and source code of the website and test it with unusual inputs to how website behave.

You can look for admin page by typing or You can also try colon at the end of URL to find SQL vulnerability. You can also download and use CMS to find exploits in codes.

Learn can find tons of Sql vulnerable websites by visiting Latest SQL vulnerable Website List 2018

Google Dorking

Google Dorking is a technique to find a vulnerability in websites by using custom search queries.You can learn more about Google Dorks by reading this article Google Dorks and Latest Google Dorks list 2017

Directory Listings

You can find valuable information about the website by searching for directories. You can add logs, files, SQL, secret, and many more queries at the end of website URL to search for directories. You can find many websites with directories indexed in search engines also. 

Changing Source Code

Learn how to change source code before doing any further research on “How to hack websites”. You can learn PHP, Python, Perl, ASP and many other scripting languages which run on the back end.

Find robots.txt

Robots.txt file is used to discourage search engines to index certain pages of a website. You can see robots.txt by adding it to the end or url in most cases. Look for directories which are not blocked using robots.txt. You will also find many paths which contains useful information in the robots.txt file.

Remote File Inclusion

You can find this vulnerability in many websites. It allows you to include a file after executing a simple Php script. You can click the link to download the file of code to open a file. You have to create a file by name of .memeber.php on your web server. Make sure you off php on your server before executing this code. Otherwise, this code will be executed on your server. You can now call this script Dir= to execute the file on the target server.

Sql Injections

SQL injection is a malicious injection of code on data driven web applications. This is one of the most common vulnerability you can find on web applications. But most websites will not filter these SQL injection and put them in code. You can target websites which have users id on them to test if they are vulnerable or not. You can see then try to add /’/ to the end of URL. This might look like′.You can use Sql injections if this gives you an error.

Hydra for Brute Forcing

Brute forcing is a way to test the vulnerabilities of the most secure sites. This happens many times while testing sites of my clients for security. I tested every above mentioned procedure and found nothing. Then I try hydra to try brute force attack and found open ports for services like ftp and telnet. An experienced person can use brute force to hack the password of a website.

Physical Access

Things might look different in a hand of a hacker. Hackers are always trying to get physical access to leave some opening or back door in any system. Get the physical access and you can easily turn the tables of any web application.
Buffer Overflow

How to Hack Websites Successfully With Few Minutes in 2018

You can try buffer attack if things get very serious. In this case, hacker changes the maximum size for user login to extreme lengths at first. Then he try to login by giving any input. During this attack, an application can hang, overwrite data or completely crash. You can learn more about buffer by clicking here

Heap Overflow

Heap Overflow is also a type of buffer overflow. This is done by allocating a large of memory to a heap. After that hacker write tons of data with no checking being done on data which leads to overwriting other data. You can learn more about heap overflow by clicking here.

Practice Makes You perfect

Here you can check a list of 15 web applications and games to learn more about website vulnerability and security. So test your skills to improve them.

For more keep visiting. 

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