How To Hack An Android Phone From A Computer 2018

How To Hack An Android Phone From A Computer

How To Hack An Android Phone From A Computer | Android is an open source operating system which is used by almost 88% mobile users all across the globe. All this made Android the top shareholder of a mobile operating system. The staggering number of users also attracts many hackers. Hackers are always trying to find loopholes and vulnerabilities in the Android system to hack a phone and use it remotely.

Many of us think that Hacking an Android Phone with Windows PC is a daunting task. But now we will tell u an easy way to hack an android phone from a computer with few simple steps. With this hack, you can see text messages, media file (images, videos), contacts, and many more things.

Note: All shared information is only for education and recreational purpose. Hacking Android Phones is an illegal act. We are not responsible for actions of readers.

You can Hack Android Phones with below-mentioned tricks

Hacking and android phone with help of APK

  1. Download a keylogger/Rat on your computer.
  2. Now you have to setup keylogger and bind it to any famous APK of a game for android.
  3. Upload it to a web application and wait for anyone to download it.
  4. A rat will be automatically installed on their phone as soon as they install the APK on their android device.
  5. Now you can check reports in your emails.

You can easily get text messages they sent to other users using a mobile carrier or any other messaging application, social media accounts emails and password, outgoing calls and any stroke on a keyboard of their phone.

Create an Application to access GPS location, gallery, and any other thing

You can simply create an application of a game to hack important data of users. This is a simple and very effective way. An example for this is a famous game which went viral in summer of 2016 “Pokemon Go”. It can easily gain access to GPS location, call logs, galleries and many other features of the phone with ease. Within months of becoming viral Pokemon Go craze fade out because of allegations that they have unlimited access to user phone.

How To Hack An Android Phone From A Computer 2018

These applications are a great way to create a backdoor to sneak peek on any android user phone. Google Play store is constantly trying to delete malicious applications which are accused of data theft by users.

Note: Any Website which is promoting an idea of a hacking text, call logs and other information phone using a simple hacking toolkit, mobile number, and country code are fake. They just want you to download this software to install a rat on your keyboard to steal your secret information and data. Avoid them at all cost.

I Hope you understand that Android phones can only be hacked with help of third-party applications.

Note: Read what kind of information is asked by an application before downloading and installing it on your phone to avoid hacking. 

How To Hack An Android Phone From A Computer, How To Hack An Android Phone From A Computer, How To Hack An Android Phone From A Computer


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