How To Find WiFi Password on Windows 7,8,8.1 & 10 In PC/Laptop, Mac iOS & Android

How To Find WiFi Password on Windows 7

How To Find WiFi Password on Windows 7

There are several ways to find Wifi password from your PC or Laptop. I am listing few of them to help you in retrieving password of Wifi you used in past or you are currently connected.

You can use following methods to find passwords of wifi from you windows PC.
Get Wifi Password From Windows 7 PC

• Click the Wi-Fi icon on bottom right corner of the taskbar.
• Select the network from given list.
• Right click and select properties.
• Check “Show Characters” to reveal password of selected wireless network.

How to See Wi-Fi password in Windows 10 Laptop or PC

1. Go to Start menu and select settings.
2. Choose the wireless network you want to connect.
3. Search “View network connections” and select the first option by name of “View network connections”.
4. Right click and select status.
5. Select wireless properties Security.
6. Now select “Show Characters” options to see Wifi password in Network security key Field.

How to get Wifi Password From Pc Using windows 8-8.1

For windows 8.1 follow bellow mentioned steps.

• Connect to the desired network by clicking wifi option and selecting the desired wifi in given list.
• Hit windows button or click search and type view network connections.
• Open View Network Connection.
• Right click the desired network name and select status.
• Select Wireless Properties  Security.
• Check show character box to reveal the password in network security key field.

For Windows 8 Skip 4th and 5th step and jump straight to the last step after 3rd to find password of Wifi.

Finding password Via Router Configuration Page

You can use this method on iOS, Mac, Windows, Android or any other platform.
To do this you have to fulfill the following conditions.

  • You are connected to the wireless network.
  • You knew the login credentials of router.
  • Most of them only use “admin” as username and password.A pc, mobile and a web browser to open the router configuration.

Here are the steps to get wifi password from router configuration.

  • Open a web browser.
  • Enter default IP ( of your Default Gateway.
  • Enter username and password to open the interface.
  • Look for wireless  Wireless encryption or Wireless security settings.
  • Here you can see “Security key” “Password phrase” or any other similar heading showing password of you Wi-Fi.

Note: Default ip, login credentials and interface of router may vary with manufacturer. You can read the booklet or visit official website to learn more about your specific default router. The default IP for Netgear, Linksys, D-Link, Belkin, Apple, TP Link, and many other famous brands are Or
You can also connect you laptop to wifi by pressing WPS button on the back of router. This initiate the authentication and you will connect to wireless network within few seconds.

Default Router Password And Reset Option
Just flip you router to find default password of your wifi router. This will work only if your router is showing default name or settings. You can also reset your router by reset button on the back of your router. Resting the router will help you to log into its web configuration page by default username and password. You can also connect your wifi to any device using default wifi password at the back of router.

Get all previously connected Wi-Fi’s password Using CMD On Your PC

This method will help you to find passwords of wifi networks while you are offline or connected to any other wifi. You need a windows PC for this simple wifi password finding trick. It works with xp, 2000, vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 version of windows.
Follow bellow mentioned steps to get password of any wifi you ever connected from your laptop.


  • Search command prompt.Right click and run CMD as administrator.
  • Type this command “netsh wlan show profile”.
  • This will reveal list of all the names of wifi you ever used on your PC.
  • To find the saved password of any previously connected wifi type this command “netsh wlan show profile “WI-Fi Name” key=clear”.
  • Make sure you replace the “Wi-Fi name” section of the command with the name of desired Wifi network.
  • You will see the password of Wifi under security settings key content.

Wirelesskeyview Method to reveal password of your Wifi

WirelessKeyView is a free software from NirSoft. You can download it from NirSoft official website. It scans your windows and extracts all Wifi passwords saved on your computer. It only works with windows computer.

  • Download WirelessKeyView zip file from here.
  • Extract the zip file.
  • Open the program and run it. A new window will open.
  • The new window will show all networks ever connected to your PC with their passwords represented as Ascii key.
  • In windows XP use Hex Key to as the password of Wifi network.

Finding Saved Wifi Password in Mac

  • Open applications folder and find utilities folder.
  • Find and open Keychain Access Program. This programs stores login information and passwords of all offline and online features on your Mac.
  • Sort the list by name. This will help you to locate your desired wifi file.
  • Double click the file to open it.
  • Check show password box. You Mac will ask you to enter your administrator password. After entering your administrator password it will reveal the password of Wifi.


I hope all these simple tips and tricks will help you to retrieve saved password of all Wifi networks you ever connected to you Windows (xp, vista, 7,8, and 10), Mac, iOS & Android phones.

These are Wifi Password retrieving techniques which help you to find already saved password you forget. Share any other to see wifi passwords in comments. For more keep visiting. Thanks for your time.


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