Hack This Page Google Chrome Extension Review 2017

Hack This Page

Introduction of Hack This Page Google Chrome Extension

Hack This Page is a Google Chrome extension to unlock and edit any website page. After installing this extension you just have to click the skull icon on your required page. You have to refresh the page if Hack this page extension is not working on clicking the skull icon.

Why Google Chrome Extension store deleted Hack this Page Extension

For many months I wonder why this page extension is deleted by Google. But finally I got the right answer. Actually hack this page extension opens a back door in your browser. Through this back door the owner of this extension can install anything on your PC. He can further use your PC to download, install, and upload data of any kind.

This back door gives complete access of information saved on your PC to the owner of Hack This Page extension. The owner of hack this page can see you live whenever you open your browser with Hack This Page extension installed. He can then access your computer to install further programs exploiting back door created by extension.


What kind Of Data Hack This Page Extension Owner is stealing


He can steal any kind of data from your computer. Basically hackers want to steal bank details, credit and debit card details, social media accounts, and other confidential data.


I Recently Installed Hack This Page Extension – What To Do Now


You have to remove the extension from your browser as soon as possible. Then scan your PC with Antivirus or anti malware. Also check your task manager to see what kind of programs are running. Delete any suspicious installed application from “add and remove programs” and reset your browser to default settings.

How can avoid such problems in future


You have to follow below mentioned rules before adding any extension to your browser. 

  • Keep you antivirus up to date and running when downloading extension. Avoid any browser extension which is asking you to turn off your antivirus before downloading. These types of extensions are always malicious.
  • Always download extension from Google Chrome extension store.
  • Read reviews about browser extension before installing it on your computer.
    Scan your PC for RATs on regular basis.
  • Avoid downloading any extension which was deleted by Google Chrome Extension store.

I hope all these tips will help you to keep your important data safe and sound.


Hack This Page is a malicious Google Chrome extension. It creates a back door in your browser which allows the owner of extension to control your PC and to steal your precious data. Avoid downloading This Page Google Chrome Extension at All cost. Comment if your want to know about any specific Google Chrome or any browser extension. Thanks for your time.


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