Top 6 Growth Hacking Tools for Marketers Who Don’t Code


Growth hacking Tool is one of the most talked-about terms in the startup and marketing worlds. Some see it as a revolutionary way of shaping and accelerating startup growth, while others consider it a fancy word for marketing. I used to fall into the latter camp, but Neil Patel’s guide to growth hacking helped me see how a growth hacker’s job differs from a traditional marketer’s job.



Contentmart is a content marketplace that serves as a wonderful platform not only for the authors and copywriters but also for those who are looking for the perfect wordsmiths.

Top Benefits:

  • Free Subscription
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Pay when satisfy with work

Pricing: Free Subscription. Register Here

Colibri shows you where your customers are engaging online so that you can insert yourself into relevant conversations.
Top Benefits:

  • Diversify your traffic and improve SEO by participating in the right conversations across the web
  • Integrates with Google Analytics

Pricing: 14-day free trial, then plans starting at $95/month


#Pay With A Tweet

Pay With A Tweet allows you to give people access to your content or product once they’ve tweeted or posted about it. This is a great way to go viral in the early stages of a product launch, or to make sure your content or product spreads further across the web over time.
Top Benefits:

  • Invite people to pay with a post across major social media channels, including: Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Xing and Vkontakte
  • Measure traffic, clicks, sales and geo data
  • Customization to fit your brand/website

Pricing: Basic free plan, then paid plans starting at $19.99/month


#Click to Tweet

Click to Tweet is a free, easy way to promote and advertise your business or product on Twitter. I used this in a recent product launch by asking new users to share the product on Twitter and got amazing results.
Top Benefits:

  • Analytics telling you how many times your Click to Tweet link has been clicked, and then how many times the link within your pre-written tweet has been clicked on Super easy to set up and can be used anywhere (landing pages, emails, websites, social media posts, etc.)

Pricing: Free



Nimble is a relationship management tool that combines all your contacts, email, social signals, activities and follow-ups from everywhere you work so that you can maximize relationships to grow your business.
Top Benefits:

  • Manage 1000s of contacts seamlessly across multiple channels
  • Get notified about meaningful events like birthdays and job changes
  • See who’s talking about you so that you can reach out and engage at the right time

Pricing: 14-day free trial, then plans starting at $15/month


MixRank helps you find new customers by zeroing in on profitable sales leads and traffic sources with real-time intelligence from its digital advertising database.
Top Benefits:

  • Find thousands of new traffic sources and zero in on the placements that are most likely to deliver your target audience
  • Monitor the competition’s split tests and see which creatives, ad copy, and landing pages are the most effective
  • Identify advertisers who are bidding against you and learn from their successful campaigns

Pricing: prices not listed on their site

#Top 6 Growth Hacking Tools for Marketers Who Don’t Code


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