Download Free Strategy Games for PC 2018

Free Strategy Games for PC

Well if you are still in the mood for some real free strategy games for PC then these below-mentioned games are surely worth trying.

  • Star craft

It is a fiction based strategy game about some cowboys. These cowboys have to fight against the weird looking elves and aliens. It is a complete package in which the player has to collect coins or starts to build the clan and to buy resources. These resources and armor will be required to kill the elves and xenomorphic aliens. This game requires smooth but quick handling because if you delay the shoot, then you will be killed yourself because the enemies are very prompt at making attacks.

Download Free Strategy Games for PC 2018

Star craft can be played as multi players; the only difference will be that the opposing team will not be aliens or elves rather they will be humans. If you play this way, then there are chances that you will lose more often. This game is all about making strategies and making moves promptly.

  • Age of Empire 2

The game is easy in the beginning when you have nothing in your hands but just a couple of wandering workers. Later on, when the real fun begins you will be collecting gold, building massive fortress and memorials to your brilliance. This all is achieved only by killing the enemies.

The game covers two eras one is Dark Age era, and the other is Renaissance era. The player can use elephants or the pikemen to fight against the enemies.  The game also has certain cheat codes which can be used to pass the hurdles.

  • Crusader King

This is a bloody strategy game and probably not for light-hearted people. There will be a lot of strategy making regarding the bloodshed. The player plays like a feudal ruler who is in the struggle to overtake Europe again. The game requires a lot of thinking and strategic moves. The game is a blend of power, politics, war, and bloodshed. The game is also about the people, the rulers, the enemies and the lovers of the state.

  • Dawn of War

The game is intriguing. It is somehow similar to the company of heroes. The game is similar to most of the other free strategy games for PC. Preparing the army then providing them with armor and training then. The main motto of the game is to make an attack on the enemies just to rule over their territory or to snatch their resources.


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