Facebook Hacking Tools and Software Free Download 2018

Facebook Hacking Tools

Facebook Hacking Tools | I have searched the web for several days to find tool or software which actually help its user in hacking Facebook ID. I found tons of fraudsters setting up surveys and ads after ads to by asking you to download specific software. During this process, I found just a few free software which helps me in recovering my lost password.

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Some of them are password crackers or brute force password guessing software. So let’s introduce some of the best free tools and software I found.

Smart Password Recovery Software

Smart password recovery software works for every kind of file and website including Facebook and Gmail. You can also use this tool to crack windows, MS Excel, Ms word, Ms PowerPoint, Ms Access, Outlook, Rar and WinRAR and zipped files password. Smart Password Recovery Software is equipped with brute force attack, mask attack and dictionary attack to crack a Facebook password. It’s easy to use and free of cost. So hurry up and recover your lost Facebook account password by smart password recovery tool.  You can download it as a free trial from here.

Satzo Password Hacking Software

Satzo Password retriever also known as Satzo Password Hacking software is one of the best tools for Cracking Facebook Password. You can also use this to recover email accounts. This is also one the most expensive tool but I have a license key and registration code for you so you can use it for free. Otherwise, you have to spend 200$ to buy its basic version only. The advance version can cost you up to 400$. Here is the license key and registration number of Satzo. Click here to download Satzo.

License Key Free. Serial Key: SZGP-HT07-GPIA-HT23

Registration Code: A5DA09A948231ABB

Pass Finder

Pass finder is one of the most effective password cracking tool. It is simply the best answer to those who ask me “How to crack Fb password within seconds with ease”. Pass finder is very light and easy to use with a clean interface. Once installed and running, password would only take few minutes to find the most difficult passwords. It is free and you can download Pass finder by clicking here.

Disclaimer: These above mentioned tools are only designed to recover lost passwords of your own account. Don’t use them to harm other.

Facebook Hacking Tools and Software Free Download 2018

You should also take following measures to ensure the safety of your own Facebook account.

  • Use an updated version of browser.
  • Use a good antivirus and keep it Updated.
  • Don’t save your password on browser.
  • Change your laptop/mobile security codes on regular base.
  • Lock your applications and browsers.
  • Never login you account from public PC.
  • Only download software from well known trusted websites.
  • Always double check URL’s before entering your credentials.
  • Don’t use Facebook to create accounts on third party websites.
  • Avoid spam links sent even by friends via mail or chat.

I hope you will recover your lost fb accounts by cracking its password. Sharing is caring.


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