Ethical Hacking Tutorial 2018 | Step By Step Guide to Become Hacker

Ethical Hacking Tutorial

Ethical Hacking Tutorial – The term hacker was originated way back in 1960 when first hacking takes place at MIT. Since then people want to learn more about hacking. Now learning something is easier than ever before because of tons of tutorials on every subject. Hacking is basically exploiting weaknesses and loop holes in systems or network of computers to break in and steal data. Hackers can also breach any computer to sabotage/shutdown its functions.

Hacking is only legal if it is used for testing purpose. This is commonly known as Ethical hacking. So by this we know now that hacker is the one who sseeksknowledge about how operating system works and trying to improve its security by finding loop holes.

Ethical Hacking Tutorial 2018

There are several Types of hacking. Few famous types of hacking are mentioned below.

  1. Website Hacking – Hacking a website involves taking control of hosting servers, database, interface or any software associated with websites.
  2. Network Hacking – Networks are hacked for information which can be used afterwards to shut down certain network.
  3. Email hacking – This is one the most common type of hacking. Every day we receive mails which ask us to submit our personal information in forms or on a website. Email hacking is all about having an access of an email id with his owner consent.
  4. Ethical Hacking – It revolves around finding weaknesses of any computer or network to improve its security.
  5. Password Hacking – This type of hacking involves using data packets transmitted or stored on computer system to find password.
  6. Computer Hacking – This is a process in which hacker use illegal methods to access someone’s personal computer for stealing information.


These are few types of hacking. Every type has its own pros and cons. You can use it for beneficial use like recovering lost information or passwords. For testing network’s security and to prevent breach from other hackers. On the other hand if You use it unethically then you can breach someone’s important documents and end up in prison for years. It can be fun if you use it in recreational purposes but it’s still illegal to gain access of anyone’s personal data.

The basic tools used in hacking are as following.


Network Mapper (NMAP) is an open source tool for auditing security and network discovery. NMAP runs on almost every operating system. NAMP can give you information about available hosts on networks, services on offer their operating system and information about firewalls.


Metasploit can be used with web UI or CMD. It is used for penetration testing and to find vulnerabilities in small networks.

Burp Suite

Burp Suite is a security performance tester for web applications. It has a wide variety of features which help newbie to highly experienced testers. Interface is simple, clean and easy to use. Burp suite give full control to administrator to use combine different testing techniques automatically for better testing.

Angry IP Scanner

It is basically an IP or port scanner. It is free of cost. Angry IP scanner pings IP. If IP is alive angry IP scanner can pick up its host name, MAC address, Ports and other vital information. Data can be downloaded in different formats.

Ethical Hacking Tutorial 2017 | Step By Step Guide to Become Hacker

Other important tools are Cain and Abel for Password recoveries in Windows based systems, Ettercap, etterpeek, SuperScan, ToneLoc, Network stumbler, webinspect and LC4

I hope you enjoy this article. Don’t forget to comment. I will keep writing basic tutorials for Newbie hackers in future. Stay tuned.


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