2 Ways to Download Premium Udemy Courses For Free 2018

Learn to earn is the new mantra in the online world. Learning new things will keep you on top of your game. Also, boost your income and skill level. The internet is filled with free online tutorials, but the real stuff is not free for anyone. You have to pay for it. For internet guru’s Udemy is one of the most favorite places to learn new skills. In udemy, you can find all sorts of courses. But the sad thing about Udemy is all courses are not free of cost. You can find some free courses, but the real ones are in the premium section.

So many people are continuously finding a way to download premium courses on udemy for free. I myself searched the internet and find less or little success in finding a way to download premium udemy courses for free. But after few weeks, I found a trick to download udemy premium course. This is all free and won’t cost you a single penny. I am sharing this trick so you can learn new skills and improve your lifestyle.

But every free thing comes with a cost. This time, this cost is your time. Every now and then udemy offer sometimes free hours to watch premium courses online. This is actually their marketing strategy. But this is the only loophole we have to exploits to download a premium course on udemy. Stay up to date with udemy and you will defiantly get a chance.


So now how to download them when you get a chance:
For this, you need to download two things.
  • Firefox Mozilla browser. 
  • Ant video downloader plugin (you can download it here)

I hope you already got Firefox browser in your Pc and the Ant video downloader downloaded. Now you just have to install a plugin. Assuming it’s the right time you are waiting for. Open udemy course you want to download. Play the video and go to the upper right section of your browser to download tab. As soon as you press download. The video starts to download on your personal computer.

Note: There is only one flaw in this plugin. You can’t download multiple videos at the same time. So you have to wait for every video to completely download to your PC before jumping to next one. So It’s a long struggle to download full udemy premium course for free. Don’t try to close tab as it will cancel downloading and don’t try to download multiple videos at same time.


Another way to download Full udemy course for free is via torrent. You have to search for the same title in https://torrentz.in/. If you are lucky enough you will find the exact course in torrents. But there are also few problems attached to it. Firstly it depends upon your luck. Most famous and viral courses are always available. Secondly you have to download it to confirm this is the same udemy course. Thirdly beware of malware and don’t try to download any torrent file if your antivirus is warning you. 


I hope you will enjoy this post and benefited from it in near future. Thank you for reading


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