Download Best Action Games For Android Phones 2018


Are you among those who always want some action in their lives? If yes then these games will take you on a roller coaster ride of action games. These pc action games free download will make sure that you have the best time playing these. The best part of these is that they are free and does not require and buying. Some of the top-rated action games are as follows:

  • Star Raid

The time has begun where people can travel to stars, moon or the sun. People have never failed to impress the mankind by their innovative ideas. The mankind has travelled to stars to find new life. They have risked their lives for the better future of the upcoming generation. The player has to leave the planet and travel to stars to find new home for the people living on earth.  On the way you may have to fight with the aliens or research deeply about the stars. The game is a combination of both adventure and action.

  • Zombie Apocalypse

Due to some toxicity, the planet earth has turned into a zombie land. The city is totally devastated and only few people have managed to survive the attack. The player is also among those survivors. The main task of this player is to protect his home from the attack of the zombies.  In the game, the player will be given some equipment, shelter protection equipment and some self-defense machinery.  There are total of 45 levels which are incredibly fun to play. There are a total of 7 kinds of zombies in the game.

  • Fort Defense

If you have some good leadership skills then this action game is worth playing. You have to protect your tower against the alliance of opponents. Such games are very useful as they increase the cognitive skills, leadership qualities and increase the strength. The player should collect the necessary gold at the beginning of the game so when the game gets real tough the player has enough gold in his bag to make the certain upgrades.  Build your own force to attack the enemies who try to take over your fort.

  • Toy Defense

Toy Defense is an amazing pc action games free download for children and even adults. The player plays like a toy soldier and has to protect from the enemies attacks. By winning levels the player can win stars and then he can buy weapons from it to strengthen the clan.


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