Damn Vulnerable Web Application To Learn Web Security

Damn Vulnerable Web Application

Damn Vulnerable Web Application (DVWA) is a web application deliberately designed with lots of vulnerabilities. This web application made with help of PHP with MYSQL database. The main aim of Damn Vulnerable Web Application is to provide a legal platform to practice web security. Anyone can test its tools and skills on DVWA to understand how a web application comes under attack of hacker.

With trail an test he can learn to find vulnerabilities and fix them in damn vulnerable web application and his own websites in real life.

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This web application is widely used in courses all across the globe to teach about web vulnerabilities and security in class room environment. Don’t not upload this to any hosting provider public html folder and always use a virtual machine.

You can download Damn Vulnerable Web Application by clicking here.
You can also see YouTube Videos For help in Installation

How to setup Damn Vulnerable Web Application on Ubuntu

How to setup Damn Vulnerable Web Application on Windows 10 

For windows installation you have to download and install XAMPP. XAMPP offers you apache web server, PHP, phpMyAdmin, Perl, MySQL, and a FTP server. You can use XAMPP in windows, Linux, and Mac OS. You can download XAMPP from their official website by clicking here. 
Make sure that you never use Damn Vulnerable Web Application (DVWA) on live web servers.

For more on installation of DWVA visit Here 

By using DVWA you can also learn to protect your own vulnerable website from hacker attacks.

I hope all this information help you to download, install, and run damn vulnerable web application on your virtual machine. So take a coffee and start finding vulnerabilities and fix them to learn more and more about web application security.
You can also use it as an assignment for your students or a bench mark.

Thanks for reading.


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