Create Fake ID For Facebook To Unlock Your Own Fb Account | Fake Government ID Proof

Fake ID For Facebook

Create Fake ID For Facebook To Unlock Your Own Fb Account

Fake ID For Facebook | Facebook often locked your accounts and ask you to submit a Government Identity Card to confirm your identity. Facebook is doing this from few years now to reduce spam and fake ids on Facebook. On the other hand Government ID can also be used to get your account back when you lost it for one reason or another.

Some hackers also use fake ids to hack Facebook accounts. They do so by submitting fake id cards to Facebook support email to identify themselves as the owner of Facebook id. Facebook then helps them to hack their id by resetting email, password and security. Facebook also uses IP address, location, browser history, cookies and many more things before handing over a Facebook Id control to anyone who submit an ID.

Government ID verification is a headache if you have different names in real life and Facebook. The best way to create an ID to regain its access is by creating a fake government id with Photoshop. You can search for “Bypass Facebook government ID” in google to see various video tutorials to make fake ID cards for Facebook. You can also see many articles in which it is explained to create fake id for Facebook step by step. 

Now here I am going to share a easy way to generate fake id for Facebook. It is the best method for anyone who is not good at editing. You can create Fake Id in few steps with mobile applications life Fake ID Generator. Fake ID Generator app is available for free on Google Play store. This app success is evident from 4.2 star rating and more then 1 million downloads.

This app was made only for recreational purposes but it works extremely well with Facebook ID verification as they have no source data to confirm your identity.
Note: Having multiple identity cards is a crime in most parts of world.

How to Unlock You Facebook account with Fake Government ID In 2017

Here are few easy steps to generate fake Id with an android app.

  • Open Google Play Store on your android phone or install any android simulator on your PC.
  • Download Fake ID Generator and install it.
  • Open Fake ID Generator and generate a card of any type by giving them details about your date of birth and country.
  • Upload a clear portrait picture of your face with simple background.
  • Click on generate to complete the process.
  • You can now see the card,Remove or paint the trademark by simple coloring in Photoshop or any other image editing app.
  • Submit it on Facebook and wait for 2-3 days to get your Facebook Id back.

Note: Make sure you have similar name, location, especially Date of birth, and other information in fake government id and Facebook account.


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    I want to my face book isID locked.I don’t know how to do.Please help me my account to open.Thank
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