Best Ever Computer Tricks And Hacks of 2017

Computer Tricks

Here I am sharing few computer tricks which are worth sharing with my dearest visitors. They include YouTube, web browser and some tricks for PC and Mac.

You can reopen the tab you accidentally closed by clicking Ctrl+shift+t on Pc and Commad+shift+T on mac.

To get screenshot of a specific area of screen. You can click Command+shift+4 on MAC. In Pc you have to click search and then type snipping tool.

Excel repeat the last command by just pressing F4 key. This is very useful for people who works on big files and want to repeat the same function again and again.

Best Ever Computer Tricks And Hacks of 2017

Ever wonder what the middle click of a mouse can do. It will defiantly help you in opening and closing tabs in browser. You can middle click on any link to open it in a new tab. Double middle clicking results in closing the tab.

You can make a copy of any file by just holding Alt key in mac/ctrl key in pc and dragging the file. You can drop the file by unclicking.

To find the origination and original location of any photo in google search. You can simply hold S and right click on the picture.

Many of us knew that already that we can pause a YouTube video by clicking space bar. But sometimes rather than pausing it cause a scroll down. It okay, you can avoid this scroll down by clicking “K” to play or pause the video.

Best Ever Computer Tricks And Hacks of 2017

You can also use J key to move the video 10 seconds backwards and use L to jump 10 seconds ahead in any YouTube video.

You can move your screen in windows by holding Windows button and arrow (up, down, left, right ) keys for the direction of choice. You can also move window to another monitor ( if you are using multiple monitors) by holding Windows+Shift and direction key.

You can clear you cache by pressing ctrl shift and R keys.

You can lock down your windows PC by pressing windows plus L. You can do the same in mac by combination on Command, option and eject

You can make fun of your friends by flipping their screen upside down or sideways by combination of control, shift and arrow keys. This trick may or may not work for all of you and it can only be done on windows machine.

By typing data:text/html, Text Editor in your browser you can turn a browser tab into basic text editor. This trick helps researchers to collect data with ease.

You can reset your browser size with ctrl plus zero in PC and command plus zero in Mac. You can also zoom in or out by Ctrl plus + or Ctrl plus – keys.

You can also use command prompt like a pro to find out about your IP mac address and many more things. For more on Command prompt tricks click here.

Hope you find at least one useful computer tricks in this article. Don’t forget to comment and share amazing tricks with other people.


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