[Latest] Best Command Prompt Tricks And Hacks 2018

Command Prompt Tricks

Command prompt Tricks is one of the most neglected tools in windows after the invention of GUI based operating systems. Now people thought that writing commands are boring, dull and old school.

But in the end command prompt have some useful tricks up his sleeves. This article will discuss few best command prompt tricks I found useful.  

Knowing about your internet connection (IP & DNS address and a lot more) with CMD You just have to type ipconfig/ all in command prompt to get to your IP address, DNS address, hostname, Type of node, Wins Proxy, DHCP enabled/disabled, Primary suffix DNS. It will also tell you about IP routing and your MAC address as well.

Is there anyone stealing your WiFi connection
Stealing someone’s WiFi and abuse it is one the most common things every one faced in their life. But now, you can use a simple trick in Command prompt to see who is using your WiFi connection.

As mentioned in above trick you have to note down MAC address, IP address and names of devices you are using. After that, open your router by simply entering its Ip in a browser. Find Attached devices and you will find a list of Mac, Ip, and names. If you see any suspected name then secure your internet connection by changing the password.

How CMD Helps you to ensure you are safe or hacked

You have to type netstat-a in command prompt to find out if someone is hacking your personal information and data. By entering this command you will be served with a list of computers you are connected to via internet and networking. You can see in results about what kind of data transmission is taking place and the ports used for connection internally and externally.

Fixing internet bad connection with command prompt trick

Whenever you faced the problem of flaky connection you can reset it using simple CMD commands.

  1. Type ipconfig/release and hit enter. Now the connection is turned off.
  2. Type ipconfig/renew to reconnect.


Check your connection with amazing ping CMD command

Stuck on a webpage and can’t figure about what’s went wrong website or internet connection? Now, you can just use a simple CMD trick to check your internet connection. Just type Ping www.webadress.com and hit enter. It will just take few seconds to send and receive data packets. Internet would be fine if there is no loss of packets sent and received.

Fix corrupt files using Command prompt

It is very common nowadays with many malicious files on the internet to corrupt your own personal computer and files. For an ordinary person, it is difficult to figure out what goes wrong. But now command prompt can do it for you.

Best Command Prompt Tricks And Hacks 2018

You can use a command like sfc/scnanow to fix error on your computer.

Note: All these simple tricks can be done on Windows 98-XP-Vista-7-8 and 10. I hope it will remain the same in any Microsoft Windows updates.

Hope you enjoy those Command prompt tricks and use them in future. Don’t forget to comment on more tricks and tips of CMD.


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