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Facebook Tricks

Facebook Tricks | Million of development hours are spent in adding and improving Facebook since its launch. All this development makes Facebook ever more complex with tons of features. Many of us are still unaware of many Facebook features. This is the reason why I decided to write a post on Facebook Tricks and facebook Hacks.

So let’s not waste time and jump straight on to the best Facebook Tricks.

Get back in touch with friends using Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories allows you to see who viewed it. It also allows you to see who viewed which part of the story. This will help you to see the odd stalker or a friend who is out of touch for a very long time. So I recommend you to use a story to unearth old friends.

Now Play Games with your friends on Facebook Messenger

Facebook introduced games in messenger to keep the excitement of the chat alive. Some of them are in plain sight and few are hidden. Many of you can find a games tab with camera tab in your messenger. You can find games like Pac-Man, Snake, Words With Friends, Space Invaders, 8-Ball pool, Batman’s Bat Climb, Solitaire, Blackjack, Gin Rummy, Sudoku, and many more. The number of games in this list is growing with every passing day. You can play them in a chat with your friends. Most games are turn-based which keeps both players excited.

On the other hand, there are few hidden games in Facebook Chat messenger.

You can play Football Keep Up game on your messenger. For playing send football emoji to any of your friends. Then tap on football to keep it off the ground. Game speed is directly proportional to no to taps of the football.

10+ Best Facebook Tricks of 2018 | Facebook Hacks

You can play Basketball game by sending basketball emoji in messenger. Click on the basketball emoji to launch the game. Scores of both players will be shown in chat.

Type “@fbchess play” in facebook chat to play Chess in a chat box. Playing chess in facebook chat box needs some basic information about chess, square box, characters, and their functions. To move any piece you have to type “@fbchess” followed by piece abbreviation and square number. You have to use K for King, Q For Queen, N for Knight, P for Pawn, R for Rook and B for Bishop. Cell number is represented by rows and columns.

Controlling Your News Feed – Hide Unwanted Person Feeds –

See More From Favorite Person

You can do so by going to friends tab in your profile. After that, you can see a tab in front of every name. Click on it and choose best friend option to see every post by them. You can also select “acquaintances” to block their posts from your news feed. Give it a try and improve the quality of posts on your news feed.

Facebook Livemap

Facebook Livemap allows you to see Facebook live streams from people across the globe. Open https://www.facebook.com/livemap/ to see a global map. Blue dots on the map indicate live streams. A bigger dot means a popular live stream. You can click on dots to watch a live stream. Unfortunately, most Asian countries are still waiting for Livemap launch in their country. People in America, Canada, Europe can use this service.

Remotely Logout Facebook

Yes, you can now log out your account from your aunts Pc remotely from your own phone. Previously you have to change the password to log you out from any other device but now you can do it by SettingàSecurityàSee Where You Are Logged In. You can see sessions on every device you are currently using. You can end session to log out your account from any device.

Saved Feeds To See Later

Time is not always your best friend. There are times when you find an interesting piece of content on your timeline but you don’t have time to read it. Don’t worry, now you can save it to see the same content later. You can click the icon on the bottom right under the post to save this piece of content in your profile. You can see saved content under more tab in profile on the Facebook app.

Stay Connected With The World With Facebook


You heard a lot about Trends on YouTube and Google Trends all the time. Trends always keep you up to date with what is the most discussed news, celebrities, and stories all around the world. Facebook also launched trends a year ago. You can see trends on the right side of your news feed on desktop and under search bar on your Facebook Mobile app.

Loading Articles with Lighting Speed

Facebook launched Instant Article feature on facebook a few months ago. This allows you to load articles into the Facebook application with fewer ads. Facebook is also claiming that instant articles are loads 10 times faster than articles shared normally. Many brands are using instant articles on Facebook for faster loading. You can see a lightning icon on top right of the instant article in your news feed.

Secure Your Facebook Account

You can add few layers of security to your facebook account to make it more secure. Few things you can do are

  1. Login approval: Login approval is also called two-step verification method. Facebook will send you a code at your mobile number on any login attempt. You have to enter this code to access your account. You can do this by settings àsecurity àLogin approval.
  2. You can also choose three to five Facebook friends as trusted contacts. They will help you to recover your account in case of hacking. You can do so by security settings à Trusted Contacts.

See Your Friends Relationship With Other

Contact In Detail

You can see the detail of anyone’s friendship if you can see them posting something on other friends wall. You can see their friendship detail and history by clicking the arrow on a right-hand top corner of post à more options àSee friendship. You can also do this by replacing usernames in below mentioned link.

www.facebook.com/username1?and=username2. Make sure you type the right usernames for each user.

I hope you enjoy these amazing facebook tricks and hacks. 

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